Acquia was one of six companies chosen to present at the Launch Pad event at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco last week. Selection for Launch Pad was a great honor - more than 150 companies submitted applications - and a tremendous opportunity to showcase Drupal to the 10,000 attendees at the Web 2.0 Expo.

Jeff, Barry and Bryan worked hard building a five minute presentation and demo that highlights all the goodness of Drupal and explains what Acquia does. A video of the presentation is included below. Great job!


Amy Stephen (not verified):

Good stuff. It's encouraging to see you guys doing so well out front - in the big leagues. You make free software look serious - professional - and like what's going on. That's good for everyone. Keep it up!

eigentor (not verified):

Good demo you worked out. Clever move to use drag and drop panels. People like it, I think. A pity you had to rush through it that hard -- but amazing, exactly five minutes.

yaph (not verified):

Very good and inspiring demonstration. Such presentations really have the power to convince people to take a deeper look into Drupal and actually consider it as the system to build their web application. Cool stuff!

Ray Feldman (not verified):

I agree with yaph. Need more such demonstrations.