According to the Telegraph, Ecademy, a business networking site for professionals, and one of the first big Drupal sites, is for sale. Of course, for the right money, any business is for sale. Still interesting because Ecademy forked Drupal 3.0 in 2001 and has long been an important Drupal showcase.


Dublin Drupaller (not verified):


Dries, do you know if Ryze is related to Ecademy?

I remember trying out both when I first came across Drupal a few years ago and both are very similar.

What's also noteworthy is that the community is close to matching Ecademy which announced their 100,000th member recently.

I'm not suggesting that Drupal is now worth the same as what is valued at (£20 million or €35 million), but, what I am wondering about is how large is the extended Drupal community, i.e. if you collated all the Ecademy-type spin-off communities, what result would you get?

As much as we all dislike buzz words and acronyms, I would guess that Drupal is quickly becoming the DOT in web 2.0.

Fintan (not verified):

Ryze is not related to Ecademy although they are both in the same arena. I am a blackstar on Ecademy and have done some stuff on their setup, so do know a bit about the background on this one. By all accounts they are looking for a financial backer as opposed to a full takeover but I guess if the money is right Thomas and co. will sell.

Its a real pity that they forked it so early (and it is REALLY forked) as they would have benefited massively from some of the current Drupal features and contributed modules.

Another interesting site is FirstMonday which was formed out of unhappy ex-Ecademy members. This is running on Drupal as well and was recently mentioned on BBC TV so I would keep an eye on this one, especially as it has now been taken over by the extremely sharp Richard Alberg. It is small now but I would really expect this one to grow.