FOSDEM 2008: Drupal developer room?

FOSDEM, which stands for Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting, is a yearly free and non-commercial event for the open source community, held in Brussels (Belgium).

Each year FOSDEM sets up developer rooms where teams can meet, discuss, hack and present the latest developments about their project. Joeri Poesen from Krimson, a Belgian Drupal company, is taking the lead in trying to secure and organize a Drupal developer room at FOSDEM this year. Thanks Joeri!

(I co-organized a Drupal developer room in 2005 and can attest that it is a fun and rewarding experience.)

In order to qualify for a room, we need a number of people who are willing to present about Drupal. If you're interested, let us known in the comments or reply to Joeri's call for action or add your thoughts to the wiki. Drupal users unite!