Heine Deelstra, Drupal's security team lead, gave a great presentation about Drupal security at DrupalCon Paris. First, the presentation provides a short overview of the most common security issues, their consequences and how you can use the Drupal API to prevent them. The second half of the talk is devoted to string handling and cross site scripting (XSS). A must watch for all Drupal developers.

Last week, the Drupal security team fixed a security bug in the OpenID implementation that is part of Drupal core. Heine deserves some extra thanks for his work in fixing the OpenID bugs in core - very few active contributors in the community have a deep understanding of the OpenID code, and Heine's efforts went way beyond the usual as he sought to understand the specification and correct the flaws. Great job, Heine, and the rest of the security team!


James Walker (not verified):


Heine's work - his understanding of security exploits and attention to detail - is definitely worth commending. He caught some very subtle wording things in the OpenID specs in particular that were great finds.

I'm glad to have him around!

Laura (not verified):

Many heartfelt thanks to Heine and the Security Team! They are one of the reasons Drupal rocks! All Drupal site owners and developers benefit from their ongoing work.

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