PHP or Java? Classic.


Robert Douglass (not verified):

I really miss having powerful functionality like this in Drupal. Maybe it is time for Jrupal, after all:

public static final nonreversible taxfree nondenominational void main(String[] arrs)

This, of course, is best when used with the corresponding function:

private erotic GString processHelloWorldRequest(HelloWorldGenerator hwg)


Jeremy Epstein (not verified):

"As you can see, this program [written in C] cannot possibly be as efficient as the above examples [written in Java], because there isn't enough code to be efficient with."

Thanks for posting these links, Dries - best laugh I've had in ages! That line really made me crack up, but perhaps there's also some truth in it. Sometimes when I'm coding in Java, I really think the people at Sun made it convoluted on purpose. E.g. being taught in class about the importance of "getter" and "setter" methods - I never before thought about what an absolute waste of code they are!