When Steve Jobs had to fix Apple in 1997, he said the following: The products suck! There is no sex in them anymore!. Well, we added so much sex to Drupal 5.0 that I'm horny all day. Tasteless jokes aside, working with Drupal 5.0 has a very strange effect on me. Like it helped me re-discover my love for Drupal -- except that this love was never lost. A strange feeling that is hard to explain ...


Robert Douglass (not verified):

Well, Drupal 5.0 certainly does evoke a range of *emotions*... ahem... and yes, it is a new level of Drupally pleasure. I think the two things that contribute to that from the user experience are the Garland theme and the reworked admin interface.

As a developer, the FAPI2.0 is what gives me that hot, itchy feeling.

So, yeah, I know what you're talking about. Oh, and perhaps you could put Digg buttons on your site? I always Digg your posts (because they rock), but feel guilty if I mention it in the comments.

chx (not verified):

One word: #multistep. Two words: color picker.

bertboerland (not verified):

Drupal 5 was the first install where I rediscovered my no-lost love as well.

An important part of the new found old love is the first "click". When you met you love-for-life you had a first "click". And just like that, a user installing Drupal 5, making the first "click", is impressed with the one-"click" installer.

The second reason for the new old love is eye candy. Face it, when you met your love-for-life you first check her/him out on looks, and only later you came to appreciate the inner soul. The same holds true for Drupal 5, it just looks great giving you more time to see what is inside.

So lets call this new found old love the 7 month itch and make sure that every 7 month you will rediscover your love.

jakeg (not verified):

JQuery and AJAX are some of the most sexy recent developments, but I think they won't really show their true powers in core until version 6.

Discussion about a performance-hit caused by separating CSS files is something I'm hoping will lead to a super-sexy CSS system for Drupal in which 'dynamic' CSS can be created but served statically. In other words, through a settings page various CSS values and options can be set, but the resulting CSS is output into a single static file (recreated any time the settings are changed) which is served to clients. True user-level CSS customization without any performance degradation at all.

joon (not verified):

I think the feeling your having is of proudness. Perhaps it's similar to raising a child who grew way beyond your expectations?

Sexiness aside, it's all the work under the hood you and the rest of the community have put into it and everyone should be proud.

I've got a long way to go to be proficient with coding but I'm in the process of contributing a theme. I hope more focus is placed on making things easier for themers, then I'm sure we'll have more than enough sexiness to go around.

Chris Bryant (not verified):

When I first installed and used Drupal a couple years ago I was a bit underwhelmed by the theme and admin. It was hard to see or know the beauty of the system and internals from just a quick install.

The extensive changes in Drupal 5 are quite impressive and make installing and working with the new version a real pleasure indeed and will surely help new users fall in love at first sight!

Looking forward to the final release.