I was interviewed by Noel Noneck as part of his The Luck of Seven journey. Click the image to see the interview.


Stefaan Ponnet (not verified):

The interview should have been taken at your new desk at home - it would have been worth showing everybody the new habitat where new Drupal versions arise :)
Nice slideshow of Antwerp in the beginning !

Max Bell (not verified):

Nice bit of background -- really wish it would have been longer. I love knowing the story behind things I care about.

Brakkar (not verified):

Interesting to see how it all started. Just a question: do you do all your coding and work on a Mac? I saw one in the video, and I thinking of making the switch myself.


In addition to the Mac, I have a Dell desktop with Gentoo Linux on it.

itkovian (not verified):

A very cool interview. I have heard you talk about the beginning of Drupal, I guess on three ocasions now, and it never ceases to amaze me that you manage to convey those events in such a calm manner. After all, it's an open source succes story, and yet you still manage to keep both feet firmly on the ground.