Twitter is viral -- and getting in the way already. Anyway, you can now follow me at


Boris Mann (not verified):

You're going to want to turn off email notification of follows...

Getting a client that stays out of the way is important. I'm a fan of Twhirl, which you can turn off all notifications for unless someone sends you a message.

Asking questions / opinions is a great use, I find. Mindless browsing is bad...don't get sucked in!

Wayne (not verified):

I think the best way is to set a filter in Gmail which automatically archives every email which contains "is following you on Twitter" in the subject =)

Jeroen (not verified):

I wonder how much money you had to plonk down to get "dries" as your nick on Twitter... Unless you registered dries during the very early days of Twitter because I can't imagine that no Dries anywhere in the world create a Twitter account in his name until now :D

But yeah, you'll be overwhelmed with "following" mails!

seutje (not verified):

Kind of funny, I signed up for twitter yesterday, mainly coz every1 keeps mentioning it and stuff.

Must of been around 5pm that I was going around looking for people to follow, probably just missed me on that screenshot. :P