Kasper Skårhøj, founder and lead of Typo3, has been doing Typo3 videocasts for a while now. I subscribed to his iTunes feed many moons ago but wanted to point you to his last two episodes. In the second to last videocast, Kasper explains how to build a complete website with Typo3 (268 MB, 1 hour) and in the last videocast, he explains how to translate that website into 3 languages (299 MB, 1 hour).

Have a look at the videocasts to find out how Typo3 deals with custom content types, views, templates and internationalization. Kasper lost me several times, but it is still interesting to see how they approach certain problems. Their concept of page templates and how it blends with the flexible content elements, flexforms, views and the menu system is intriguing.


forngren (not verified):

Ain't it your turn to be a star? "Drupaling with Dries"? ;)

I'm gonna watch those videos when I get some time. It would be nice if someone could write a summary of the videos and post that on drupal.org.

Gábor Hojtsy (not verified):

Indeed it is easy to get a headache from the first video, as Kasper himself says. It is set in an entertaining environment and the cookies are nice, but as far as I see, this example site he builds is too small for the practical demostration of the *benefits* of the approach used. It just needs too much clicks, keystrokes, knowing TypoScript, coding big chunks and such.

The internationalization video however is a lot more interesting. Still it uses too much TypoScript to be easy to set up for anybody who is only remotely experienced (and even needs a little bit of core modification - maybe just for demonstration), but the concepts (and some solutions) are nice. Drupal does not have capabilities to bend itself that much, but we don't need to learn a new script language, so there is at least some benefit for us :)

As the different i18n approaches needed for different pages shows, there is little room for sensible defaults and more for well placed settings and features.