Adobe using Drupal for

Adobe just relaunched as a Drupal site. The backend of the Flex powered showcase site,, is also using Drupal: it communicates with the Flex front-end using the Services and the AMFPHP modules. More information available on the Adobe Flex Team blog. They are using Mollom too.



Tj Holowaychuk (not verified):

Garland hey? Yikes! Hope they go ahead and change that soon. Other than that, pretty awesome news that sites like this are using Drupal, should influence a lot of people.

Drupal Theme Garden (not verified):

What's wrong with Garland theme?

Besides the fact that the Garland is one of the most used Drupal theme around (hey, that's default Drupal core theme), Garland is really high quality theme. Probably, Garland is the most tested Drupal theme, too.

Yes, they could create their own unique (and shiny) Drupal theme. But it's less important than the fact they are using Drupal.

NicolasH (not verified):

Whenever a site uses a core theme, it reaffirms the believe that that's how a Drupal site looks like...and that that's all you are able to get out of it.

Does Wordpress look the same all the time? Well, it does, but only to a grid analyser. To the casual viewer it doesn't...since the banner image and the styles will be tweaked accordingly.

Changing Garland gradient colours and maybe the logo will not create an individual appearance.

Does this matter? To people who know Drupal reasonably well most likely not - Drupal can look whatever you want it to look like. But the number of times people seem to be put off by "the Drupal look" must mean something...

yaph (not verified):

The first thing I thought after seeing the screenshot was: why does a company like Adobe that produces software that almost every serious web and graphics designer uses, do not create a custom theme for a site like
Whether you like Garland or not, the way they use it on the site simply does not look and feel professional.

Chris Charlton (not verified):

The same goes for Flex applications with Adobe, just like Drupal, they're pushing for things not to always look the same. It's a struggle I think every platform has when any customization is available.

Anonymous (not verified):

Are they saying "Stop using Dreamweaver and just use Drupal." - WTF?

Mike Potter (not verified):

Hi there:
We're using Garland for now because it allowed us to get up and running as quickly as possible. We're thinking about having a contest to allow the community to build a Drupal theme for, or allowing developers to build their own theme for the site.

I've even had emails from people who tell me that they like the look of this site better than the old one, which we had professionally designed.

As for Stop using DW and just use Drupal - I actually manage the Drupal code from Dreamweaver, so its not a matter of either / or. Using both is working really well for me.


Mike Potter
Adobe Developer Marketing

akahn (not verified):

I'll second sepeck's remarks. You ought to write up your workflow and make sure it gets published on Planet Drupal.

mrc (not verified):

Adobe using garland, jeez'o. I guess their really not putting any money or resources into Smart Adobe, smart, i mean really what's the deal. Note to self, use Drupal not Flex...

Chris Charlton (not verified):

Didn't you launch with a default theme when you wanted to get your community rolling quickly? ;)

Besides, there's stuff under the hood. As a viewer there isn't too much to do besides consume the content, but for us (Adobe User Group Managers) it is useful since I can add my group events and such.

Noclegi Ustka (not verified):

What's wrong with Garland theme?
Besides the fact that the Garland is one of the most used Drupal theme around .Garland is really high quality theme. Probably, Garland is the most tested Drupal theme, too.

Anonymous (not verified):

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