Dries Buytaert

Bertrix september 2022

Semois river
The Semois river in the Belgian Ardennes.
Playing board games in tent
Eight people playing a board game in a tent. Small but cozy.
Guido, the owner of Camping Maka, behind the bar
Camping Maka has a small bar with La Chouffe on tap, and apparently, a white fox on the ceiling ...
Vanessa enjoying a beer
We had to wait for rain to pass, so we enjoyed a few beers at Camping Maka's bar. La Chouffe for me, Karmeliet for Vanessa.
The word 'Maka' spelled with large logs, standing next to a river.
The famous sign of Camping Maka in Bertrix. The sun after the rain makes everything a bit more dreamy.
Connected vans
We put two vans next to each other, and tried to connect their awnings. It rained 70% of the time so it allowed us to hang out and stay dry.
Vanessa laughing
I love the afternoon sun in September.
Making a fire
Axl helping to make a fire. Unfortunately, we could not make s'mores as it started raining again shortly after. No one wants soggy s'mores ...
Camping in the rain
This photo sums up our camping weekend pretty well: hanging out under the van's awning to avoid getting rained on.
Castle walls rising above a river with a medieval bridge and green banks..
Bouillon Castle is believed to date back from before 980. The views from the top are amazing! In my imagination, farmers lived and worked in the fields along the river banks.
The boys
Arrowslit at bouillon castle
An arrowslit in the castle wall of Bouillon Castle in Belgium. The castle is more than a 1,000 years old. Archers launched arrows through it to defend their territory.