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This page shows my most recent photos, ordered from newest to oldest. This photo stream is also available as an RSS feed. I have over 10,000 photos on my site. For older photos, check out my photo albums.

Jay using a knife to remove the backbone of the turkey.
Jay spatchcocking the Thanksgiving turkey.
A table with dirty plates, empty wine glasses and candles that burned halfway down.
The end of a great Thanksgiving meal with great friends.
An Acquia-branded soccer ball and beer on a table in a pub.
Kicking off the FIFA World Cup 2022 at an Acquia partner event in London.
London by night
London by night.
A bar tender working a dimly-lit bar in a history hotel.
A bar at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.
London phone booth
Old brickwork repointed
The old brickwork is both repointed and white-washed.
Ziplining until dark
Ziplining until dark.
Cow saying hello
Cow 8161 saying hello!
Hunters hut
A hunter's hut hidden in the woods.
Cousins on a family walk
Cousins on a family walk in the Belgian Ardennes.
Jeu de boules
Playing 'jeu de boules' in the Belgian Ardennes.
Old tractor
An old tractor abandoned in a field.
An aerial shot of an old wooden table. Different tiles, woods, stones and fabrics are organized and displayed on the table.
Reviewing a "mood board" of different tiles, woods, stones, and fabrics.
An aerial shot of an old wooden table. On the table lays a floor plan with chairs and sofas printed on it.
Planning out the chairs and sofas.
A smiling face in the rear view mirror of the car.
October is the best month to drive around New England.
A sign that reads 'Acquia'.
The next months, we are organizing Acquia events around the world. We are calling it the 'Acquia Freedom Tour'. We just kicked off our tour with our first event at the Fontainebleau hotel on Miami Beach. Up next: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo, London and more.
A bar tender making a Mojito.
The vartender in a Cuban bar in Miami. Typo intended.
A woman laughing in the glow of a campfire.
Any excuse for a campfire is a good one. Colder temperatures is certainly one of them. The outside temperature was 43 degrees Fahrenheit (or 6 degrees Celsius).
Vanessa walking over the rocks in a small stream.
Crossing a small stream.
Wooden sign that reads "Mt Moosilauke, 4802 ft".
Obligatory photo of the sign at the top of Mount Moosilauke. The hike was 10 miles (16 kilometers) long and took us to a height of 4,802 feet (1,470 meters). Lots of climbing but the views from the top were worth it.
Selfie at the top of Mount Moosilauke showing Dries, Vanessa and Beth.
Hello from the top of Mount Moosilauke! Selfie by Beth.
Our espresso machine on the kitchen counter of the rental cabin.
Making lattes in the morning light. Even though we are 'glamping' in a remote cabin, Vanessa brought our espresso machine (and her barista). Yes, we are one of those families now.
A rental cabin with walls made out of wood, basic curtains, and nice fall light coming through the window.
We rented a cabin in Woodstock, New Hampshire for the weekend. Very rustic cabin made entirely out of wood. We are planning to do a big hike as the fall foliage is in full swing.
A person walking uphill, with an old house in the background.
The steep streets of Beacon Hill.
People dining on the sidewalk, seated on small French tables.
It's mid-October already! It might be getting colder and darker, but it's not too late to have dinner outside. Petit Robert, South End, Boston.
Boston train yard
The train yard outside of Boston's South Station.
Wendy's is my guilty pleasure.
First windows
The first windows were installed.