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This page shows my latest photos, newest first. They offer a glimpse into my personal life. I have over 10,000 photos on my site. For older photos, check out my photo albums. This photo stream is also available as an RSS feed.

Fireworks explode over the ocean, ignited by a person standing on a jetty that extends into the water.
Fireworks illuminate the sky and ocean at Cape Cod on the 4th of July. What I love about this photo is not just the fireworks, but also the person on the jetty lighting them.
People dining outdoors with a view of the illuminated harbor and ships.
I enjoyed a beautiful evening at a waterfront restaurant in Burgas, Bulgaria.
An illuminated taxi sign on the roof of a car.
I spent a few days in Bulgaria for an offsite with the Drupal Core Committers. It was my first time visiting Bulgaria, and I came away really liking the country. The Cyrillic alphabet made the experience even more interesting.
Interior of a small camper van with a Moka pot brewing coffee, a half-empty bottle of red wine, toothbrushes in a glass, eggs in a carton, and a portable speaker.
It's been two years since our last van camping adventure, and here is the morning scene: sore legs from a long bike ride the day before, a half-finished bottle of wine, toothbrushes drying, a Bluetooth speaker playing good tunes, eggs ready to boil, and fresh coffee brewing in the background. The photo may not win any awards, but to me, it's pretty perfect.
A red lighthouse and red-roofed houses viewed from a distance across grassy dunes.
We spent a few days camping on Texel, a Dutch island. We hiked over 12 km (7.5 miles) across beaches and dunes, cycled more than 40 km (25 miles) on scenic roads, explored local villages, and enjoyed BBQs on our portable charcoal grill — all while trying to embrace the unusually chilly, overcast June weather.
A young girl in a pink dress and denim jacket holding colorful balloons.
Just before she left, we gave the birthday girl a bunch of balloons. Her smile said it all!
A young man sitting at a desk, head bent over study materials, focused on writing.
Just like my sons, I spent hours at my desk during exams. Mostly studying, but also dreaming about all the things I'd rather do once summer vacation started.
A young man sitting at a desk, writing on a small whiteboard, surrounded by study materials.
Watching my kids study for their high school exams made me reflect on how much of our lives we spend studying. It's a significant part of life, yet often overlooked. Even though I spent 24 years in school, I realized I don't have any photos of myself studying. So, I grabbed my camera and took some photos of my kids hard at work. One day, they might appreciate looking back at these moments and seeing how hard they worked and how much they grew.
A speaker on stage addressing the audience.
Baddý kicking off the 20th edition of DrupalJam in The Netherlands and about to welcome me to the stage. DrupalJam was a fantastic event with great energy, engaging conversations, excellent presentations, and reconnecting with old friends.
Two young men sitting at a kitchen island, one with a dessert that has a lit candle.
Stan smiling as we sing "Happy Birthday" to him.
Big Green Egg grill smoking on a patio.
After nearly a decade of dreaming about it, we finally bought a Big Green Egg. We are breaking in this culinary legend with its first roast — a pork shoulder that will be smoked over 8 hours today. Wish us luck!
A solar panel on a rooftop during sunset with a city skyline in the background.
My solar panel and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 are set up on our rooftop deck for testing. Once it works, it will be mounted properly and permanently.
View of rocky shoreline and sea stacks along the coast at Ecola State Park, Oregon.
Hiked 5 miles (8 kilometers) along the Oregon coast in Ecola State Park, famous for its "sea stacks", or rock formations in the ocean.
Aurora borealis over the beach with campfires and people.
Over the years, I traveled to Iceland, Sweden and Norway to see the aurora borealis but never succeeded. Then, last night, I saw it for the first time in Oregon, of all places.
Sunset at Cannon Beach, Oregon, showing the towering, rugged Haystack Rock standing in the water, surrounded by smaller sea stacks, flying birds, and people on the sandy beach.
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach in Oregon.
People seated around a table playing a board game.
Playing board games at the Skamania Lodge in Washington.
People seated around a table playing a board game.
Playing board games at the Skamania Lodge in Washington.
A solar panel being tested on a laundry room floor.
I bought a solar panel just for fun. Upon connecting it, it started charging a battery right away. It feels truly magical. Of course, it won't stay in the laundry room forever so stay tuned for more ...
A couple dances beneath a grand chandelier, surrounded by family and friends.
Ben and Ione celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary at the "Spiegeltent" in Rijkevorsel, Belgium, where their married life began ten years ago.
A person mincing garlic at a kitchen island as the sun sets.
Axl preparing dinner in the evening light.
A yellow surf rescue board on a beach with the words 'Surf rescue'.
Surf rescue board on standby at Avalon Beach near Sydney, Australia.
The Sydney Opera House at night, with lights reflected in the water.
I visited Sydney to participate in Drupal South, the main Drupal event in Australia and New Zealand. During the trip, I also had the opportunity to meet with the Sydney Opera House, which uses Drupal and Acquia Cloud for their website.
A traffic guard in a dark blue uniform, holding a red flag with white Japanese script.
A traffic guard directs vehicles and pedestrians at a busy intersection in Kyoto, Japan.
Close-up of bamboo stalks.
The Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan.
Areal view of an intersection, capturing the evening commute with pedestrians, traffic and electronic billboards.
Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, one of the world's busiest intersections and epitome of urban hustle.
Geese swimming in a pond with the iconic Boston Public Garden bridge as a backdrop.
The geese are back in Boston. Warm and sunny days are coming!
A traditional French raclette grill with melting cheese, scraped onto a plate.
Stan has been excited all week for our raclette night in the French Alps. And true to tradition, he ate more raclette than anyone else. Stan, the raclette-champion, strikes again!
A ski resort at dusk with ski lifts, a small wooden cabin, and a sky with shades of purple and blue.
View from our rental apartment in Les Arcs, France. We got up early to prepare breakfast for our family and saw the sky turn purple as the sun came up.
Three people sitting at a dinner table lit by candles, enjoying a glass of wine.
We hosted Owen Lansbury, the current Chair of the Drupal Association, at our house while he was in Belgium for a conference. We talked about Drupal for hours and shared a wonderful dinner together.
A camera monitor show a behind-the-scenes view of a woman being set up with a microphone.
Getting mic'd up for a discussion on the future of digital healthcare with Jeff Walpole (CEO of Phase2) and Deanna Ballew (SVP of DXP & AI at Acquia) at our Boston headquarters.
People in Scottish kilts gathered around a table with food and candles.
Enjoyed my first Burns Night with friends dressed in kilts, haggis, authentic bagpipe music, toasts, and thoughtful poetry.
A smiling elderly woman wearing a paper crown.
Feeling fortunate to have shared yet another Christmas with my 95-year-old Oma!
A table decorated with candles, pine branches and Christmas holiday ornaments.
This Christmas is really special for us because it's the first time we're celebrating in our new home in Belgium. The table is ready and waiting to welcome our family.
A family hanging the lights on a Christmas tree.
Hanging lights on the Christmas tree.
Two people in a kitchen preparing a turkey on a wooden cutting board.
Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, mostly because it's focused on spending time together and enjoying food, rather than being centered around gifts or materialism. The tradition of preparing a turkey together captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving.
An empty picture frame in a room with ornate wallpaper, candles, old paintings, and antique furniture.
I finally visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum after living in Boston for more than 12 years. The museum is famous for its art, but also for the 1990 theft of 13 artworks. The empty frame in my photo once displayed a Rembrandt valued at tens of millions of dollars.
Two adults preparing a pizza while a young boy watches.
Enjoyed a weekend in the Belgian Ardennes with my family. Since I'll be in Boston on my birthday, we had a very early celebration. For my birthday meal, I asked for a family pizza-making contest. The photo shows my parents making their pizzas with Stan observing. The highlight? My pizza won! A nice birthday present.
A glowing light bulb hanging in an underground tunnel.
25 meters underground in a champagne tunnel, which often stretches for miles/kilometers.
Champagne bottles upside down.
Bottles of Reinart champagne stored upside-down. This collects the sediment at the bottle's neck. After the sediment is consolidated in the neck of the bottle, that part of the bottle is frozen. The crown cap is removed, and the built-up pressure pushes out the frozen plug of sediment. This process is called "disgorgement".
A bottle of Collard-Picard champagne with a person drinking champagne in the background.
We were fortunate to visit Collard-Picard, a renwowned champagne producer, in the heart of France's champagne region. The owner, Olivier Collard, took the time to give us a private tour. The picture captures Olivier drinking his own champagne.
A vineyard leading to a picturesque village next to a river, set against a backdrop of fields and hills.
The Champagne region in France.
Socked feet next to a laptop on a table, alongside a projector.
The weekend before each DrupalCon, the Drupal Association's Board of Directors typically convenes for a two-day meeting. Occasionally, shoes come off ...
A hiker trekking on a ridge towards a mountain peak.
Klaas hikes from Mount Lafayette to Mount Lincoln along Franconia Ridge, with one of our next peaks looming behind Mount Lincoln.
A wooden signpost indicating various trail directions.
At the summit of Mount Lafayette after 6.6 miles of hiking. Just 3.8 miles to Liberty Spring Tentsite.
A hiker seated on the ground, looking deflated, eating some food to regain energy.
On the edge of giving up, just half a mile shy of Mount Lafayette's peak (shown in background).
A hiker filling a water bottle from a small stream.
Refilling our water supplies at a stream on Garfield Ridge Trail. On many stretches, you won't find fresh water for miles, so you have to plan ahead and carry 2 or 3 liters of water (4-6 pounds).
A hiker with a large backpack ascending a trail with large rocks in between trees.
Making our way up to Garfield Ridge Trail toward Garfield Mountain. Because the trail can be steep and requires careful footing, it slowed down our pace.
A hiker on top of a cliff, raising his trekking poles in triumph.
At the top of Mount Bondcliff, known for its dramatic cliffs.
Vanessa hiking down what is a ski slope in winter.
We hiked up and down Killington Peak in Vermont. In winter, Killington is a bustling ski resort. Parts of our hike were on the slopes. Another 4,000-footer in the books!
A close-up of the aluminum exterior of an Airstream basking in a warm sunset glow.
We spent a few nights in an Airstream, an iconic American trailer recognized for its rounded aluminum exterior.