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This page shows my most recent photos, ordered from newest to oldest. This photo stream is also available as an RSS feed. I have over 10,000 photos on my site. For older photos, check out my photo albums.

In the foreground, a cheese grater and a measuring cup holding dried pasta. In the background, a pot with hot water and a pan with bolognese sauce.
Pasta night! Vanessa's homemade bolognese sauce, paired with authentic pasta imported from Italy, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and a bottle of red wine from a vineyard in Italy that we visited last summer.
People with fishing rods on a boat, bundled up to stay warm in the cold arctic weather. Snow-covered mountains provide a beautiful backdrop.
Deep-sea fishing between the stunning fjords of Lofoten.
A old, snow-covered fishing boat docked in front of red buildings that serve as homes for fishermen.
We went deep-sea fishing on a traditional fishing boat similar to the one shown. Lofoten, Norway is known for its charming red buildings. The unique red color of the buildings is the result of using cod liver oil as paint, which provides protection against the harsh arctic climate.
A small fishing boat docked on a jetty against the backdrop of a serene harbor.
Lofoten has a rich and storied fishing heritage. The fishing industry has its sustained local communities for generations.
An aerial view of a harbor with traditional fishing boats docked on jetties and majestic snow-covered mountains providing a stunning backdrop.
The picturesque harbor of Svolvær in Lofoten, Norway. Lofoten is situated above the Arctic Circle and known for its picturesque fjords and rugged landscapes.
A teenage boy with a basketball runs towards the basket, while players from the other team try to catch him. He started his layup before they could reach him.
I love that my sons have become passionate about basketball. Having passions is important for our well-being and drives our personal growth. It helps us develop a sense of identity and belonging, and it often drives us to work harder and push ourselves to improve. Passions also encourage us to dream big. They open up new opportunities and connect us with like-minded people. Having passions and being passionate is so important in life, be it in sports or any other area.
A black and white portrait of two individuals sharing a moment of laughter.
We are celebrating a few birthdays with our family in Belgium. Lots of laughter and happy smiles.
A woman is standing inside a large fireplace that is currently being rebuild. She is enjoying a baked treat while taking in the scene around her.
Vanessa eating a frangipane while standing in the fireplace. We are in the process of downsizing the original, massive fireplace into a smaller one. We are also converting the open-faced fireplace to a closed one. The new fireplace will be both safer and more efficient.
Plants on a kitchen windowsill, basking in warm sunlight.
This summer, we're moving out of the apartment that I've owned for almost twenty years. Leaving will be tough as we have made countless memories here. Before we move, I want to capture some photos of the things I love about our apartment, such as the warm afternoon light in the kitchen shown in this picture.
A glassblower molding red-hot glass using a long rod and a large, special knife. He is seated on a wooden bench, surrounded by tools.
A glassblower at Simon Pearce in Vermont. I bought some handblown Negroni glasses.
A log cabin nestled among trees, set in the evening's darkness, its interior lights reflecting on the snow and creating a peaceful atmosphere.
We're spending the weekend at a remote cabin in Vermont. You can't tell from the photo, but the temperature dropped to -17°F (-27°C).
A woman, dressed in pajamas and a winter hat, is sitting on a sofa reading a book, surrounded by the softly lit warmth of a log cabin.
The winds are howling, the snow is swirling, and frost is creeping upon the cabin's windows. But a love for cooking means she is always exploring cookbooks.
A skinny and bendy road in Boston, dark from dusk, leads the eye to Boston's largest skyscraper, whose mirror glass windows are reflecting the last sun.
The John Hancock Tower shines in the last sunlight of the day. At 60 stories and 790 feet (240 meters), it is the tallest building in Boston.
A mother and daughter working together in a dimly lit kitchen.
We recently visited Vanessa's parents. Their house holds great sentimental value as it not only served as Vanessa's childhood home, but also her father's. The property has been in the family for over 50 years. As we looked through old photographs, it became evident that countless birthdays and holidays were celebrated in their kitchen, adding to the warmth and nostalgia of the space.
The view from an airplane window shows another plane being de-iced, fluids sprayed on the wing to remove any ice and snow.
In the queue to get de-iced.
A cobblestone street surrounded by old buildings.
The picturesque cobblestone streets of Durbuy.
A person walking on a cobblestone street surrounded by old buildings.
Walking through the historic streets of Durbuy is a journey through time. The cobblestone roads and quaint architecture invite the imagination to wander, wondering about the stories and lives of those who lived here hundreds of years ago.
An empty stroller standing in front of a kids attraction.
Durbuy is one of the smallest towns in Belgium, but has one of the best Christmas markets.
The store front of a small shop, decorated with Christmas lights.
"L'épicerie de Durbuy" is a small specialty shop located in Durbuy. They offer artisanal products made locally in the Ardennes region. On our visit, we purchased some of their homemade pastis.
Thousands of embers dance in the air as a person uses a leaf blower to fan the flames of a fire pit.
With only a few minutes to go before the start of the new year, Ben wanted to get the fire pit going so we'd stay warm while watching the fire works. Turns out you can make a roaring fire in one minute with the help of a leaf blower. Don't try this at home kids.
My Oma unwrapping a Christmas gift with the help of her great-granddaughter.
My Oma who is almost 95 years old. Lise is helpig her great-grandmother unwrap a Christmas gift.
A baking sheet holds freshly baked orange cookies.
Vanessa making orange cookies (thanks to the power of artificial intelligence)!
Vanessa carefully hangs lights on the branches of a Christmas tree, bringing a warm glow to the room.
Decorating the Christmas tree.
Frost clinging to the long leaves of a plant.
Back in Belgium for the last two weeks of the year. It was cold but beautiful when I walked to the bakery in the morning.
A gas light on the wall of a tavern called 'Five horses'.
Boston still has around 2,500 gas lights throughout the city. The first gas lights were introduced in 1828. Prior to 1828, Boston used oil lamps to light the streets. While gas lights provide a lot of character to the neighborhood, they are not great for carbon emission. Recently, the city decided to replace them with LED lights that mimic real flames.
Jay expertly uses a sharp knife to debone a turkey, carefully removing the backbone to prepare it for roasting.
Jay spatchcocking the Thanksgiving turkey.
A table with the remnants of a meal, dirty plates, half-empty wine glasses, and candles that have half-way burned down, a testament to a lively and enjoyable gathering.
The end of a great Thanksgiving meal with great friends.
An Acquia-branded soccer ball and beer on a table in a pub.
Kicking off the FIFA World Cup 2022 at an Acquia partner event in London.
A group of young people stroll past a phone booth in London.
London by night.
A bartender working behind the dimly-lit bar of a historic hotel.
A bar at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.