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This page shows my most recent photos, ordered from newest to oldest. This photo stream is also available as an RSS feed. I have over 10,000 photos on my site. For older photos, check out my photo albums.

Vanessa hiking down what is a ski slope in winter.
We hiked up and down Killington Peak in Vermont. In winter, Killington is a bustling ski resort. Parts of our hike were on the slopes. Another 4,000-footer in the books!
A close-up of the aluminum exterior of an Airstream basking in a warm sunset glow.
We spent a few nights in an Airstream, an iconic American trailer recognized for its rounded aluminum exterior.
A percolator viewed through an Airstream window, evoking nostalgia and cozy camping vibes.
Of course, we brought our trusty percolator along for our Airstream "glamping" experience.
A wooden table with flowers in front, with a woman sitting in a chair in the background.
We've finally moved into our new home after 2 years of renovations. Vanessa is taking a break after a day of unpacking, organizing and setting up.
A boy uses a ladder to climb onto a dock from the water.
Summer vibes! Swimming in Turkey's Ulugüney River with the locals to beat the heat.
A person leans over to blow out a candle on top of a slice of cheesecake.
Axl turned 16! I'm filled with pride seeing the young man he is becoming. We celebrated this milestone with a beer, a moment we both looked forward to. (In Belgium, the legal drinking age is 16.)
My mom eating fries from a nostalgia-filled blue platter.
When we were kids, we would sometimes eat fries on the couch as we watched TV. We ate them on blue platters. Recently, my mom shared these memories with my sister and expressed her sadness that we can't return to those days. In response, my sister planned a surprise "Blue platter fries night". Those blue platters hadn't been used for 20 years and were hidden away on a forgotten shelf. But last night, the five of us – my parents, my brother, my sister, and I – enjoyed fries on our blue platters again, just like we used to. Organizing it was a bit of a challenge since I live in the US now, but I'm so glad we did!
In a dark forest, tree silhouettes stand out sharply as bright car lights cut through, also revealing heavy rainfall.
Due to the heavy rain, lightning, and thunderstorms, various campers jumped in their cars and left. We caught glimpses of their car lights through the trees. There is something special about listening to the rain pattering on your tent, so we chose to stay and enjoy the experience.
A candle on top a cooler, gently casting a warm glow on a person peacefully asleep in a camping chair.
We went camping in Maine for the weekend. On the first night, it started raining heavily with lightning and thunderstorms. Luckily, we had made a fairly last-minute decision to buy a tarp, which helped us stay dry and comfortable throughout the evening and night.
A meal in an aluminum container on the beach beside a hiking boot.
We had a great time hiking 6 miles near Crane Beach in Massachusetts. The trail took us through beautiful dunes and out to the beach. The loose sand made it feel more like a 9-mile hike though. Halfway through, we had a delicious lunch made by Vanessa - orzo with vegetables, served right on the beach. Great day!
People laughing while sitting at a table and eating food.
Evening BBQ with friends visiting Boston. We chatted about life and family while enjoying G&Ts, wine, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and steak tips.
A person laughing, holding a cork in each hand after solving the party trick.
First, enjoy two bottles of wine with friends. Second, utilize the corks for party tricks.
A red lighthouse standing tall in the dunes.
A lighthouse nestled in the dunes of Julianadorp, The Netherlands.
Vanessa standing on a step, with one leg raised in the air, as she climbs over an electric fence.
Certain sections of the Schoorl Dunes are home to free roaming cattle. These areas are fenced off, requiring us to climb over an electric fence to continue our journey through the dunes.
Dries sitting on top of a dune with his backpack next to him.
We packed sandwiches and water, and set off on a 12 km (7.5 mi) hike through the Schoorl Dunes in the Netherlands. The trail had lots of ups and downs on the sandy dunes, making it twice as challenging. It was a nice workout and a beautiful hike. Photo taken by Vanessa.
Dries and Vanessa laughing while looking at a beautiful sunset.
We decided to escape to the Wadden Islands for a few days. We're enjoying beautiful sunsets, bike rides through amazing dunes, and scenic hiking trails.
A woman stands in front of a massive window, overlooking office buildings in the city of Pittsburgh.
Ash, who helps me design my presentations, staring out the windows at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.
Two women sit in a large ballroom, laughing, while all the other chairs around them are empty.
Baddy and Vanessa at the A/V check before my DrupalCon Pittsburgh keynote. The room was really cold, but that didn't ruin their fun. I captured this photo from the main stage.
Dries sitting at a dinner table, laughing.
The weekend before a DrupalCon we always have a 2-day meeting with the Drupal Association Board of Directors. Saturday evening we hold a casual dinner. During dinner, Ryan Szrama used my camera to capture this photo without adjusting any settings. My camera is completely manual and lacks auto-focus, so it was either sheer luck or Ryan is secretly a camera genius!
An older man in a gray suit reading a newspaper at an outdoor restaurant table.
A New Yorker engrossed in his morning paper. I bet he could smell the pages of the Wall Street Journal.
A door with posters, one of which is partially torn in half.
Split face
The silhouette of a man walking through sunlit interior of the Oculus building.
The Oculus transportation hub at the World Trade Center in NYC.
A man holding a camera standing in a beam of light.
I had a personal photography workshop with Phil Penman. He taught me how to use natural light to my advantage and even volunteered to be a model for me.
Dries is cleaning a roofdeck with the Boston skyline in the background, but then gets distracted and starts playfully spraying water into the air instead of cleaning.
Update from the upper deck crew: the roof deck is clean and ready for the Boston summer.
A painting of a man holding a beer. The frame has a sticky note with the text: "I broke core the other day. No problem!".
As Drupal Core Committers, we had an important discussion about our shared fear of breaking Drupal Core and its impact on end users and contributors. Despite it being a serious discussion, it also brought some lightheartedness with funny sticky notes, adding humor to the situation.
A man sits on a sofa with a laptop on his head, while a group of people gather around sticky notes in the background, working together.
Gábor holding a laptop on his head, making sure remote attendees could see and participate in the activities.
A man with a laptop on his lap, facing towards the room.
We recently organized a three-day Drupal Core Committer Offsite in Kingston, UK. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend in person. To ensure remote participants could follow along, Gábor took the initiative to make sure remote attendees could participate.
Two red phone booths with people sitting at outdoor restaurant tables in the background.
As a European living in the US, I really miss the outdoor terraces and pubs that are so common in many European cities. Although Boston has some options, it doesn't compare to the experience in most European cities.
An elderly man sitting on a bench feeding pigeons his churro.
Breaking news: a British man was seen sharing his churros with pigeons. Belgian man found this both intriguing and gross.
A man wearing a hat is spray-painting a wall with multiple cans of different colored paint at his feet.
Caught in the act.
A woman is posing for a photo by leaning against a red phone booth.
The famous red phone booths near Westminster Abbey attract long lines of people waiting to take their photo with the booths and the Abbey in the background. It made me realize that "Top London telephone booth locations" is a thing.
A view of a grand ballroom filled with conference attendees waiting for presentations to start.
About to kick off Acquia Engage London, the fourth customer conference of the Acquia Freedom Tour. So far, we've had events in Miami, Chicago, and New York. Thrilled to be in the beautiful Langham Hotel in London with 200+ Acquia customers and partners. After London, we'll be heading to our final stop in Paris.
A sushi chef is using a torch to sear sushi.
"No Relation" is one of my favorite restaurants in the South End of Boston. Their sushi is absolutely amazing, and I love watching the chefs prepare the food. Everything about "No Relation" - the food, the decor, and the service - reminds me of my trips to Japan. It's the closest dining experience to what I've had in Japan.
Acquia employees enjoying an outdoor dinner, seated at round tables below lights strung between palm trees.
We enjoyed a three-day trip to Mexico as part of Acquia's President's Club, a program that recognizes top-performing salespeople and employees.
A bartender pours flaming liquid from one cup to another.
If you're in Mexico and feeling adventurous, be sure to order a Mexican coffee. A mixologist will mix coffee, tequila, and Kahlua, light it up, and create an epic waterfall of flames.
A quaint old cottage nestled at the base of a hill, surrounded by trees and flowers.
A charming cottage in Lewes, UK.
People standing on the beach between the remains of an old pier.
The West Pier in Brighton, UK. The pier was built in 1866 and was a popular attraction. Over the years, it suffered damage from various storms, and in 2003 a fire destroyed much of the structure.
A display of baked goods such as cakes and cookies.
We found a cute coffee shop called Brødwolf in Brighton, UK. We enjoyed a delicious Easter Monday breakfast there.
Four sets of sneakers in a row below a radiator.
Ready for four days of family fun at the Belgian coast.
A table with drinks in the foreground and a television showing a cycling race in the background.
Tuning in to the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the prestigious one-day cycling race that takes place in Flanders, Belgium.
A backgammon board on a wooden table, accompanied by candles that cast a warm glow.
Strategic moves by candlelight.
A weathered barn with steam coming out of its chimney.
In Vermont, it's the season for making delicious maple syrup. We visited a 'sugar house' where they boil down the sap from maple trees to make it. The smoke rising from the large chimney added to the charm of the scene. I wish you could smell this photo!
A woman sitting on a sofa reading a magazine.
Vanessa is reading 'Edible Vermont', a magazine focused on food and culinary topics exclusive to Vermont.
A model plane with a 3-foot or 90-centimeter wingspan hangs from dark wooden beams on the ceiling. It's an antique biplane with double-stacked wings in bright yellow.
A model plane hanging from the ceiling. As a kid, I loved making model planes. The biggest one I ever made was also yellow. It brought back happy memories.
Sun rays stream through the window of an old barn, casting a pattern of light on the floor.
The sun is shining through the Baby Barn. Even though there is still snow on the ground, it's a sign that spring has arrived. There is something special about the first warm rays filtering through a window after winter.
The living room is housed in an old wooden barn, featuring tall windows, a large central fireplace, and an abundance of decorations adorning the walls.
The great room of the Baby Barn in Londonderry, Vermont. It features high ceilings, tall windows, a grand fireplace, and an abundance of charming and eclectic decorations.
In the foreground, a cheese grater and a measuring cup holding dried pasta. In the background, a pot with hot water and a pan with bolognese sauce.
Pasta night! Vanessa's homemade bolognese sauce, paired with authentic pasta imported from Italy, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and a bottle of red wine from a vineyard in Italy that we visited last summer.
People with fishing rods on a boat, bundled up to stay warm in the cold arctic weather. Snow-covered mountains provide a beautiful backdrop.
Deep-sea fishing between the stunning fjords of Lofoten.
A old, snow-covered fishing boat docked in front of red buildings that serve as homes for fishermen.
We went deep-sea fishing on a traditional fishing boat similar to the one shown. Lofoten, Norway is known for its charming red buildings. The unique red color of the buildings is the result of using cod liver oil as paint, which provides protection against the harsh arctic climate.
A small fishing boat docked on a jetty against the backdrop of a serene harbor.
Lofoten has a rich and storied fishing heritage. The fishing industry has its sustained local communities for generations.