Dries Buytaert

Drupalcon boston 2008

Masters at work
Brandon bergren
Aol drupal developers
AOL developers showing off AOL's intranet, which is built with Drupal.
Chris dibona
Chris DiBona, the open source program manager at Google.
Djun kim
Steven peck
Steve rude
Earl miles
Larry garfield
Larry Garfield, showing a patch that improves Drupal 7's database abstraction layer.
Fabiano santana
Charlotte miles
Some of the Acquia employees at the Acquia launch party at the Felt in Boston.
Acquia launch party at felt
Billiard marketing
Billiard marketing
Jeff robbins from orbit
Jeff robbins from orbit
Jeff robbins from orbit
Jeff robbins from orbit
Dj jay
Kieran lal and boris mann
Birds of a feather schedule
Acquia signage
Boris mann
Brian aker
Brain Aker, Director of Architecture at MySQL/Sun.
Drupal crowd
Mit building
Rdf hand waving
Douglas hubler
Nate huag
Khalid baheyeldin
Eclipsegc and his dad
Larry garfield and barry jaspan
Around the corner
Robert douglass
Airport delays