Dries Buytaert

Drupalcon pittsburgh 2023

Opening slide of my keynote presentation. The slide reads "DriesNote, DrupalCon Pitchburg, June 5th 2023".
Dries sitting at a dinner table, laughing.
The weekend before a DrupalCon we always have a 2-day meeting with the Drupal Association Board of Directors. Saturday evening we hold a casual dinner. During dinner, Ryan Szrama used my camera to capture this photo without adjusting any settings. My camera is completely manual and lacks auto-focus, so it was either sheer luck or Ryan is secretly a camera genius!
Two women sit in a large ballroom, laughing, while all the other chairs around them are empty.
Baddy and Vanessa at the A/V check before my DrupalCon Pittsburgh keynote. The room was really cold, but that didn't ruin their fun. I captured this photo from the main stage.
A woman stands in front of a massive window, overlooking office buildings in the city of Pittsburgh.
Ash, who helps me design my presentations, staring out the windows at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.