Dries Buytaert

Drupalcon prague 2022

Text reads "Drupal is a powerful platform for ambitious site builders".
Text on slide reads "Caring about Drupal equals caring about the Open Web".
Opening slide of my keynote presentation. The slide reads "DriesNote DrupalCon Prague 2022".
A timeline that shows the Drupal 10 release date and the Drupal 9 end-of-life date.
Drupal 10 will be released on December 14, 2022. This gives site owners until November 2023 to update from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.
A pie chart that shows that many modules are ready, or close to ready, for Drupal 10.
We recently released the first Drupal 10 beta release. At the time we released Drupal 10 beta-1, 3 times as many modules were ready compared to when we released Drupal 9 beta-1. More than a 1,000 modules are already ready for Drupal 10!
A bell curve chart that shows Drupal getting easier to use and maintain. Drupal 9 and Drupal 10 are easier than Drupal 8.
Thanks to various focused initiatives, Drupal is starting to get easier. Drupal 8 was peak difficulty.
Text reads: "Drupal has such a large impact on the digital landscape that we have to care about security, stability, etc.".
With great impact comes great responsibility.
Text on slide reads "We have to do everything we can to protect the Open Web".
Prague escalator
The escalators in Prague's metro stations are fast-moving.
A bird's eye view of Prague and the Vltava River
A view of Prague and the Vltava River. Photo taken from Stalin Plaza.
Drupal converse shoes
Acquia handed out Drupal-branded Converse shoes. They were in high-demand!
To celebrate Drupal's 21st birthday, Acquia hired Alexandra Cárdenas for the DrupalCon Prague welcome reception. Alexandra is at the forefront of the Algorave scene. She makes music by live coding. You could see her music algorithms on the big monitor. Pretty amazing to watch!
Dries delivering his keynote at DrupalCon Prague. The slide in the background reads 'Good software cares about end users'.
Delivering my keynote at DrupalCon Prague. Photo by Paul Johnson.
Dries sitting in a chair answering questions from the audience.
Answering questions from the audience after my keynote at DrupalCon Prague. Photo by Paul Johnson.
Taavi Kotka sitting at a table in a meeting room
Meeting with Taavi Kotka, Estonia's first CIO.
Drupal Core Committers having a beer together
Some Drupal Core Committers having a beer together! I stepped away for a few minutes, and Alex Pott captured this photo using my camera.