Dries Buytaert

Faymonville 2022

Cruising by on a zipline
Cruising by on a zipline.
An aged green tractor in a grass field, showing signs of rust.
An old tractor abandoned in a field.
A man tosses a ball with precision as he plays a game of jeu de boules, surrounded by a group of onlookers who smile and laugh at the friendly competition.
Playing 'jeu de boules' in the Belgian Ardennes.
Facemask for the girls.
Three kids stroll on a grassy path among pine trees, the middle one jumps in joy, arms up high.
Cousins on a family walk in the Belgian Ardennes.
Hunters hut
A hunter's hut hidden in the woods.
Tired from walking
Lise was tired from walking.
A close-up of a cow whose ears are pierced with tags, on which the number 8161 is clearly visible.
Cow 8161 saying hello!
Jeu de boules
Playing 'jeu de boules' in the Belgian Ardennes.
The silhouette of a child ziplining against the sunset.
Ziplining until dark.
Playing Kubb
Playing Kubb, a lawn game where you throw wooden battons at wooden blocks.