Dries Buytaert

Heidenburg 2022

Making our bed in the van
First order of business when we arrive at our destination: making the upstairs bed in our van so we are ready for the night.
Camping kitchen island
Our kitchen island when on the road.
Exploring the campground by OneWheel.
Exploring the campground by OneWheel.
Reisling vineyard
The vineyards in Trittenheim, Germany where the Riesling grapes are grown.
Climbing out of wine vat
I climbed in and out an empty wine vat. If your glass of Riesling tastes off, it might be my fault. No further comment.
Camping next to the apple tree
We had an incredible apple tree next to our van.
Moselle valley
We hiked 19 km (almost 12 miles) and had some great views of the Moselle.
Pear tree in mosel
Other than grapes for wine, there were a lot of apple and pear trees in the Mosel area.
Coffee and eggs for breakfast
Making eggs and coffee for breakfast in our van. Apples from the apple tree in the background.