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Italy 2022

Air drying our clothes
When in Italy, it's almost a must to air-dry your clothes on a line. Fortunately, we found this handy drying system that attaches to Miles, our Volkswagen California.
Aperitivo! One of my favorite Italian traditions.
Camping near Innsbruck, Austria
The view from our campsite near Innsbruck, Austria.
Camping near innsbruck austria
Horses next to our campsite near Innsbruck, Austria.
Camping near innsbruck austria
Horses next to our campsite near Innsbruck, Austria.
Dievole has some of the best cappuccino.
Dievole gardens
One of the gardens at Dievole. Perfect spot for an 'aperitivo'.
Hiking around Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Rifugio Auronzo, an Italian Alpine hut in the Tre Cime Natural Park. We parked our camper van on their parking lot and started hiking from this hut.
A trail marker painted on a large rock. The marker shows that we are on trail 101 and/or 104.
We started with trail 101 from Rifugio Auronzo. From trail 101 we merged onto trail 105, looping the Tre Cime.
Hiking around Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Rifugio Lavaredo, an Italian Alpine hut in the Three Peaks region at an altitude of 2,344 meters. The scenery is breathtaking.
Vanessa standing in front of three giant mountain peaks.
The views in the Tre Cime area are mesmerizing. The famous Tre Cime peaks are partially shown in the background.
A sole flower surrounded by rocks and mountains
Wild flowers are randomly seen throughout the Tre Cime terrain. I like how this flower claimed its place in the world.
Vanessa standing on a rock, using her trekking poles to maintain her balance.
The path around Tre Cime is very rocky and not always easy to follow. There were still patches of snow to navigate around (not shown in photo). All in all, a very doable 10 kilometer hike.
Hotel alpen tesitin
Enjoying the views at Hotel Alpen Tesitin in the Dolomites.
Hotel alpen tesitin
The indoor-outdoor pool at Hotel Alpen Tesitin has a tranquil vibe.
Hotel alpen tesitin
Vanessa in one of the outdoor infinity pools at Hotel Alpen Tesitin.
Innsbruck downtown
The old town of Innsbruck in Austria.
Flags waving fiercely due to a storm
We experienced a sudden and violent daytime storm at Lake Garda.
Reading next to the pool
Reading next to the pool at Ca Murreta Relais.
Saint john church in funes
The Church of St. John with the Dolomites in the background. Consecrated in 1180.
Santa maddalena church in funes
The Santa Magdalena Church with the Dolomites in the background. The church belongs to a tiny village of the same name tucked in the southern end of Val di Funes. The exact date the church was built is not known, but it was first mentioned in historical documents in 1394.
Santa maddalena church in funes
The path to the Santa Magdalena Church. It's about a 30-minute hike.
Santa maddalena church in funes
For the best views of the Santa Magdalena Church, hike up the Panoramaweg.
Under grape vines
Summer nights under Italian grape vines.
Van in camping mode
Our van in camping mode; ready for the night. In the background, the towers of Ottobeuren Abbey in Germany.
Old bottles of wine and a chalkboard with the text "Today slow service".
"Today slow service" is exactly what we wanted at Villa Calicantus. We loved the 2-hour wine tasting and lunch.
Signs that read "Wine tasting" and "Wine shop", with arrows pointing left.
Wine tasting at Villa Calicantus, a small organic winery in the heart of Bardolino Classico. We enjoyed meeting both owners, Chiara and Daniele Delaini, and learning more about their vineyard. We ended up shipping 12 bottles of their wine to our home.
Vin santo and cantucci
At the end of about any meal in Tuscany, you're offered Vin Santo and Cantucci. Cantucci are crunchy almond biscuits. You dip them into Vin Santo, a sweet Italian dessert wine.
Water bottle filling at historic water fountain
A boy filling up his water bottle at a historic water fountain in San Gimignano.