Dries Buytaert

London 2023

A view of a grand ballroom filled with conference attendees waiting for presentations to start.
About to kick off Acquia Engage London, the fourth customer conference of the Acquia Freedom Tour. So far, we've had events in Miami, Chicago, and New York. Thrilled to be in the beautiful Langham Hotel in London with 200+ Acquia customers and partners. After London, we'll be heading to our final stop in Paris.
A woman is posing for a photo by leaning against a red phone booth.
The famous red phone booths near Westminster Abbey attract long lines of people waiting to take their photo with the booths and the Abbey in the background. It made me realize that "Top London telephone booth locations" is a thing.
A man wearing a hat is spray-painting a wall with multiple cans of different colored paint at his feet.
Caught in the act.
An elderly man sitting on a bench feeding pigeons his churro.
Breaking news: a British man was seen sharing his churros with pigeons. Belgian man found this both intriguing and gross.
Two red phone booths with people sitting at outdoor restaurant tables in the background.
As a European living in the US, I really miss the outdoor terraces and pubs that are so common in many European cities. Although Boston has some options, it doesn't compare to the experience in most European cities.