Dries Buytaert

Miscellaneous 2007

Oma van der ven
Oma van der Ven looking at our wedding pictures.
Tah dries
Cashew nut
Jan, or Jantje as we like to call him, became a pilot in 2006. He flies a Boeing 737. Picture taken at New Year's Eve minutes before he spilled a cocktail on his shirt.
Hello world
Firefox lady at fosdem
The friendly Firefox lady that helped man the Mozilla booth at FOSDEM.
On April 12th, Veerle and Andy gave birth to their second son, Nathan. On this picture, Elias is cuddling Nathan while still in his mother's tummy.
Street macaw
Older me
Older me as predicted by the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer.
Just married
Congratulations Roel and Dorien!
Photo booth fun
Belly heart
34 weeks
Noel noneck
Noel Noneck (aka Noel Hidalgo) on a terrace in Antwerp.
Noel noneck
Noel Noneck (aka Noel Hidalgo) in a subway station in Antwerp.
(105 cm is roughly 41 inch)
Dissertation wrestling
Feedback from one of my advisors.
Frosty face