Dries Buytaert

The store front of a small shop, decorated with Christmas lights.
"L'├ępicerie de Durbuy" is a small specialty shop located in Durbuy. They offer artisanal products made locally in the Ardennes region. On our visit, we purchased some of their homemade pastis.
An empty stroller standing in front of a kids attraction.
Durbuy is one of the smallest towns in Belgium, but has one of the best Christmas markets.
A person walking on a cobblestone street surrounded by old buildings.
Walking through the historic streets of Durbuy is a journey through time. The cobblestone roads and quaint architecture invite the imagination to wander, wondering about the stories and lives of those who lived here hundreds of years ago.
A cobblestone street surrounded by old buildings.
The picturesque cobblestone streets of Durbuy.
The view from an airplane window shows another plane being de-iced, fluids sprayed on the wing to remove any ice and snow.
In the queue to get de-iced.
A mother and daughter working together in a dimly lit kitchen.
We recently visited Vanessa's parents. Their house holds great sentimental value as it not only served as Vanessa's childhood home, but also her father's. The property has been in the family for over 50 years. As we looked through old photographs, it became evident that countless birthdays and holidays were celebrated in their kitchen, adding to the warmth and nostalgia of the space.
A skinny and bendy road in Boston, dark from dusk, leads the eye to Boston's largest skyscraper, whose mirror glass windows are reflecting the last sun.
The John Hancock Tower shines in the last sunlight of the day. At 60 stories and 790 feet (240 meters), it is the tallest building in Boston.