Dries Buytaert

Miscellaneous 2024

People in Scottish kilts gathered around a table with food and candles.
Enjoyed my first Burns Night with friends dressed in kilts, haggis, authentic bagpipe music, toasts, and thoughtful poetry.
A camera monitor show a behind-the-scenes view of a woman being set up with a microphone.
Getting mic'd up for a discussion on the future of digital healthcare with Jeff Walpole (CEO of Phase2) and Deanna Ballew (SVP of DXP & AI at Acquia) at our Boston headquarters.
Three people sitting at a dinner table lit by candles, enjoying a glass of wine.
We hosted Owen Lansbury, the current Chair of the Drupal Association, at our house while he was in Belgium for a conference. We talked about Drupal for hours and shared a wonderful dinner together.
A ski resort at dusk with ski lifts, a small wooden cabin, and a sky with shades of purple and blue.
View from our rental apartment in Les Arcs, France. We got up early to prepare breakfast for our family and saw the sky turn purple as the sun came up.
A traditional French raclette grill with melting cheese, scraped onto a plate.
Stan has been excited all week for our raclette night in the French Alps. And true to tradition, he ate more raclette than anyone else. Stan, the raclette-champion, strikes again!
Geese swimming in a pond with the iconic Boston Public Garden bridge as a backdrop.
The geese are back in Boston. Warm and sunny days are coming!
A person mincing garlic at a kitchen island as the sun sets.
Axl preparing dinner in the evening light.