Dries Buytaert

New york 2023

A man holding a camera standing in a beam of light.
I had a personal photography workshop with Phil Penman. He taught me how to use natural light to my advantage and even volunteered to be a model for me.
The silhouette of a man walking through sunlit interior of the Oculus building.
The Oculus transportation hub at the World Trade Center in NYC.
Aerial view of two people walking, casting shadows ahead of them.
A door with posters, one of which is partially torn in half.
Split face
An older man in a gray suit reading a newspaper at an outdoor restaurant table.
A New Yorker engrossed in his morning paper. I bet he could smell the pages of the Wall Street Journal.
A close-up portrait of Vanessa with a warm mood.
A photo of Vanessa taken at the outdoor patio of Maîson Première in Brooklyn, NY. I really love the vibrant background colors and beautiful bokeh captured in this shot.