Dries Buytaert

Pemi loop 2023

A topographical map of our Pemigewasset Loop.
A topographical map of the Pemigewasset Loop, with each of our four days of hiking highlighted in distinct colors.
A hiker on top of a cliff, raising his trekking poles in triumph.
At the top of Mount Bondcliff, known for its dramatic cliffs.
The sun rising over layered mountains, fading from dark to light shades of gray.
The sunrise from Guyot Tentsite.
A person filtering water and pouring it into a pot on a camp stove.
Waking up to a gourmet meal: boiled creek water meets dried delicacies!
A close-up of a water bottle being filled from a stream.
Refilling our water bottles at Guyot Tentsite. When we changed our plans, we were not sure about Guyot Tentsite having water. Thankfully it did!
A pyramid tent set on a wooden platform, surrounded by trees and rocks.
The tent platform at Guyot Tentsite. Guyot Tentsite is located in an area where the natural terrain is rocky and has a significant incline.
A hiker with a large backpack ascending a trail with large rocks in between trees.
Making our way up to Garfield Ridge Trail toward Garfield Mountain. Because the trail can be steep and requires careful footing, it slowed down our pace.
A selfie of two happy hikers on top of a mountain.
Klaas and I standing on the summit of South Twin Mountain.
A backpack resting next to a wooden bunk bed.
My cozy bunk at the Galehead Hut.
A hiker filling a water bottle from a small stream.
Refilling our water supplies at a stream on Garfield Ridge Trail. On many stretches, you won't find fresh water for miles, so you have to plan ahead and carry 2 or 3 liters of water (4-6 pounds).
A hiker seated on the ground, looking deflated, eating some food to regain energy.
On the edge of giving up, just half a mile shy of Mount Lafayette's peak (shown in background).
A wooden signpost indicating various trail directions.
At the summit of Mount Lafayette after 6.6 miles of hiking. Just 3.8 miles to Liberty Spring Tentsite.
A hiker trekking on a ridge towards a mountain peak.
Klaas hikes from Mount Lafayette to Mount Lincoln along Franconia Ridge, with one of our next peaks looming behind Mount Lincoln.
A large metal container with a sign that reads "Bears visit this campsite!".
Liberty Springs Tentsite provides metal boxes for food storage to prevent bears from accessing the food. Funny enough, humans find them just as puzzling to open.
A peanut butter cup next to a cup containing water with an electrolyte tablet.
Electrolyte tablets and peanut butter cups to the rescue.