Dries Buytaert

Twin mountains 2022

Whitewater rapids
Vanessa in the White Mountain National Forest.
Steve and Jenny smirking
When we discovered that Jenny was wearing her bathing suit inside out ...
We own an electric car, but decided to rent a Jeep for this camping trip.
Dish washing station
I'm not a great cook, so my job is usually to do the dishes. This was my dish washing station.
Jeep selfie
A selfie from the passenger seat of a Jeep.
Bear spray
A campground 20 minutes from ours was shut down because of "black bear activity". We picked up some bear spray and kept it around our campsite.
Jenny laughing
Cooking by the fire at Twin Mountain Campground in New Hampshire.
Milky way
We laid down next to a river and saw thousands of stars. This photo is my first attempt at astrophotography. I think you can see the Milky Way ...
Waking up camping in style
This is how Vanessa wakes up in a tent. Temperatures dropped to 10 °C (50 °F) during the night. Pyjamas, warm sweaters, and blankets were required to stay warm.
An aluminum moka pot brewing on a camping stove, with our orange tent in the background.
Percolating coffee in the morning sun at the Twin Mountain campground in New Hampshire, USA.
Pancakes for breakfast
Gourmet camping means pancakes for breakfast!
Lost river gorge
The hiking trail at the Lost River Gorge in Woodstock, New Hampshire.
I knew we were in bear country, but what I didn't know was that New Hampshire had crocodiles too.