Dries Buytaert

Vancouver 2004

Lots of people preparing our plane.
News paper
Oopsla poster session
Andy at work.
Vancouver sunset
Oopsla stage
OOPSLA stage
Pub beer tower
A beer tower.
Pub beer tower
Our own beer tower.
Oopsla presentation
Andy at work.
Ooplsa presentation
Andy at work.
Vancouver aquarium
Vancouver aquarium
Vancouver aquarium
Dries giving a presentation on Drupal
Me in 2004, giving my first ever Drupal presentation, wearing my first ever Drupal t-shirt.
Pub neil
Neil Drumm
Drupal dinner roland
Roland Tanglao
Drupal dinner chris
Chris Messina
Xbox party richard andy
Richard Eriksson and Andy Smith
Xbox party james
James Walker at work.
Xbox party james boris
James Walker and Boris Mann. Clearly, Boris is having fun with the bottle of Belgian beer.
Xbox party dries
Xbox party chris andrew
Chris Messina fragging Andrew Cherry.
Drupal dinner andy
Andy Georges
Drupal dinner james andrew djun
From left to right: James Walker, Andrew Hoppin and Djun Kim.
Drupal dinner dries krishna
Me and Krishna
Vancouver harbour centre
Oopsla venue
OOPLSA venue, the waterfront
Vancouver skyline
Capilano boris zack
Boris Mann and Zack Rosen. One is supposed to convert this photo to black and white.
An Indian mask.
Capilano slippery zack
Zack Rosen slips on the Capilano suspension bridge. Given the fact this is said to be one of the highest suspension bridges in the world (70 meters or 230 foot high), this is not a particularly good idea.
Capilano suspension bridge
Capilano suspension bridge
Zack Rosen taking a picture of me on the Capilano suspension bridge.
Capilano boris
Boris Mann
Capilano salmon
Capilano suspension bridge
Capilano mounty bear
From left to right: Neil Drumm, Zack Rosen, a mounty bear, Boris Mann and Andrew Hoppin.
Evil canadian bear
An evil Canadian bear.
Vancouver random alley
Random alley
Vancouver steam clock
A picture of our hotel.