Dries Buytaert

Vancouver 2006

Will pate
Will Pate, VP Sales and Marketing for Raincity Studios.
Sarah and robert
Sarah Pullman and Robert Douglass cranking out Drupal code.
Vancouver has lots of great sushi places.
Night skiing
After day 2 of the Open Source CMS Summit, some of us went night skiing on Cypress Moutain, located only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver (Canada). From the downhill runs, you have a spectacular view on the city.
Morbus and me
A virtual Morbus Iff.
Jeff robbins
Jeff Robins, co-founder of Lullabot and former rockstar.
Aaron welch
Aaron Welch, co-founder of Advomatic. Theodore Serbiniski (m3avrck) is in the foreground.
Jeff Robins, co-founder of Lullabot, is a former rockstar. He autographed one of his CDs for me.
Boris mann
Boris Mann, co-founder of Bryght and co-organizer of the Open Source CMS Summit, MooseCamp and Northern Voice.
Stanley park
Stanley Park
Chris perillo
Chris Perillo
Steven wittens
Steven Wittens
Robert scoble
Robert Scoble, Microsoft employee, technical evangelist and blogger extraordinaire. We talked 'Drupal' with him which I'm sure he will be pitching to Bill Gates. ;-)
Vancouver has lots of great sushi places.
Matt mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of WordPress and co-founder of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and Akismet. We talked about web technologies and open source development on more than one occasion this week. Really nice guy to hang out with!
Tim bray
Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems employee, W3C member and co-inventor of XML. Tim made Sun Microsystems donate a Sun Fire V20z server to the Drupal project. I finally got to say "thank you" in person.
Chris Perillo showing his IBM Thinkpad running MacOS X
Chris Perillo showing of MacOS X running on his IBM Thinkpad.
Will pate
Will Pate, surrounded by photography people.
Lockers at Cypress Mountain
Trae mccombs
Trae McCombs (occy) while night skiing at Cypress Mountain. Works for CivicSpace.
Kris krug
Kris Krug
Robert douglass talking to earl miles
Robert Douglass talking to Earl Miles (merlinofchaos).
Jonathan chaffer
Jonathan Chaffer (JonBob)
Work for bryght
Bryght's whiteboard.
Night bbq
We had a nightly BBQ in Stanley Park. Yes, in a public park, in Vancouver, in the winter, in the middle of the night. Cold!
James walker
James Walker, co-founder of Bryght.
Michael meyers
Michael Meyers, co-founder of NowPublic.
Sarah interviews robert scoble
Sarah Pullman interviews Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam.
We went skiing in Whistler, the venue for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic winter games.
Making of morbus
Kieran Lal from CivicSpace writes on the virtual Morbus Iff.
Zak greant
Zak Greant of ezPublish.
Holy bible
This is what all American hotel rooms have in common.
Allie micka
Allie Micka from Pajunas Interactive. Works for CivicActions.
Karoly negyesi
Drupal developer Karoly Negyesi (chx). Works for NowPublic.
Chris johnson
Drupal rockstar Chris Johnson.
Chad phillips
Drupal rockstar Chad Phillips.
Angie byron
Angie Byron (webchick)
Andre charland
Andre Charland, CEO of eBusiness Applications. Ski addict and AJAX master.
Trae mccombs
Drupal rockstar Trae McCombs (occy). Works for CivicSpace.
Moshe weitzman
Moshe Weitzman
Earl miles
Earl Miles (merlinofchoas)