Dries Buytaert

Vermont 2023

The living room is housed in an old wooden barn, featuring tall windows, a large central fireplace, and an abundance of decorations adorning the walls.
The great room of the Baby Barn in Londonderry, Vermont. It features high ceilings, tall windows, a grand fireplace, and an abundance of charming and eclectic decorations.
Sun rays stream through the window of an old barn, casting a pattern of light on the floor.
The sun is shining through the Baby Barn. Even though there is still snow on the ground, it's a sign that spring has arrived. There is something special about the first warm rays filtering through a window after winter.
A model plane with a 3-foot or 90-centimeter wingspan hangs from dark wooden beams on the ceiling. It's an antique biplane with double-stacked wings in bright yellow.
A model plane hanging from the ceiling. As a kid, I loved making model planes. The biggest one I ever made was also yellow. It brought back happy memories.
A woman sitting on a sofa reading a magazine.
Vanessa is reading 'Edible Vermont', a magazine focused on food and culinary topics exclusive to Vermont.
A weathered barn with steam coming out of its chimney.
In Vermont, it's the season for making delicious maple syrup. We visited a 'sugar house' where they boil down the sap from maple trees to make it. The smoke rising from the large chimney added to the charm of the scene. I wish you could smell this photo!
A backgammon board on a wooden table, accompanied by candles that cast a warm glow.
Strategic moves by candlelight.