Dries Buytaert

Woodstock 2022

A rental cabin with walls made out of wood, basic curtains, and nice fall light coming through the window.
We rented a cabin in Woodstock, New Hampshire for the weekend. Very rustic cabin made entirely out of wood. We are planning to do a big hike as the fall foliage is in full swing.
Selfie at the top of Mount Moosilauke showing Dries, Vanessa and Beth.
Hello from the top of Mount Moosilauke! Selfie by Beth.
Our espresso machine on the kitchen counter of the rental cabin.
Making lattes in the morning light. Even though we are 'glamping' in a remote cabin, Vanessa brought our espresso machine (and her barista). Yes, we are one of those families now.
Wooden sign that reads "Mt Moosilauke, 4802 ft".
Obligatory photo of the sign at the top of Mount Moosilauke. The hike was 10 miles (16 kilometers) long and took us to a height of 4,802 feet (1,470 meters). Lots of climbing but the views from the top were worth it.
Two women on a hiking trail laughing.
On they way down from Mount Moosilauke. It wasn't all smiles and laughs; our legs and knees hurt.
A woman hikes through the woods, crossing a stream by stepping on rocks and using trekking poles to keep her balance.
Crossing a small stream.
A woman bundled up, sitting by a campfire, laughing with a big smile.
Any excuse for a campfire is a good one. Colder temperatures is certainly one of them. The outside temperature was 43 degrees Fahrenheit (or 6 degrees Celsius).