Chianti countryside

As the first part of our honeymoon, we spent one week driving around the countryside in Tuscany, Italy. Our journey started in San Sano, a small village in the Chianti region famous for its rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. Every night at dinner, we decided where to go the day after. So from San Sano, we moved on to explore several of the main towns and cities surrounding the Chianti region. We ended up in Siena, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Greve, Florence, Pietrasanta, and Lucca. I have a number of pictures (and anecdotes to go with them) lined up which I'll start posting soon. To set the stage, please find attached two pictures of the Chianti countryside.

Chianti landscape
Chianti landscape

Debunking marital myths

My weight before marriage

Picture taken 24 hours before our wedding! In order to successfully debunk marital myths and common beliefs (read: weight gain after marriage) one needs to accurately register the past. Like that, we can fall back on traditional science and math in future.

The fling before the ring

Two pictures taken at my bachelor party last weekend. It was a blast! Thanks for the memorable day guys! Talking to some of you, it looks like we all felt totally wiped out the day after. Hope you all feel a little livelier by now. I might post more pictures from my bachelor party after she said 'yes'. ;)

My bachelor party
My bachelor party

Extreme makeover

As you ought to have noticed, got redesigned. The previous incarnation was getting a little boring so Michael Angeles of urlgreyhot created me a new theme. Michael is a world-class information architect, user experience design consultant and long time Drupal evangelist. Thanks Michael!

First reaction?


The past months have been absolutely crazy in terms of Drupal work. And there is still so much Drupal work left to do, it isn't even funny. Yet, with my marriage around the corner (and our honeymoon directly after that), it is time for me to disconnect and to avoid working on Drupal after hours. Time to unwind. I'll pick up my Drupal work and responsibilities in about one month. Please take good care of my baby during my absence.

In the mean time, chances are that I continue posting to my blog to report back from the joyous adventures of what is marriage.