Dries Buytaert

Acquia takes over a subway station

If you pass through Kendall Square MBTA station in the Boston area, you'll see a station "takeover" starting this week featuring the Acquia brand.

Like our highway billboards introduced in December, the goal is for more people to learn about Acquia during their commutes. I'm excited about this campaign, because Acquia often feels like a best-kept secret to many.

The Kendall Square station takeover will introduce Acquia to 272,000 daily commuters in one of the biggest innovation districts in the Boston area – and home to the prestigious MIT.

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Kendall square takeover turnstyles

In addition to posters on every wall of the station, the campaign includes Acquia branding on entry turnstiles, 75 digital live boards, and geo-targeted mobile ads that commuters may see while looking at their phones while waiting for the train. It will be hard not to be introduced to Acquia.

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What makes this extra special is that all of the ads feature photographs of actual Acquia employees (Acquians, as we call ourselves), which is a nice way to introduce our company to people who may not know us.

— Dries Buytaert

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