Nikon-buddy Jeff Whatcott gave me a quick demonstration of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom when I was in Boston last week. Lightroom was clearly a winner application, so I was pleasantly surprised when Jeff hooked me up with a copy of Lightroom before I returned to Belgium on Friday evening. Although Jeff works for Acquia now, he continues to evangelize Adobe's products. ;-)

I spent a couple hours dabbling with Lightroom this morning, and I'm already in love with it. It is a lot easier than Photoshop CS which I've been struggling to master for years. Lightroom's sidebar widgets and workflow are simple yet powerful, and the non-destructive image editing and the smart saving please the engineer in me. Thanks Jeff!



Azz (not verified):

Hey Dries,

If you are using Nikon gear you may want to try Nikon's own CaptureNX. I find it more 'intune' with my Nikon cameras than say Lightroom or CS, esp if you shoot in RAW.

Try it: open a raw file in Lightroom, then open the same file in CaptureNX - if you don't have CaptureNX you can download a 30 day trial, or, download/use ViewNX - then compare the two (high gamut monitor recommended to view the nuances in colour).

Lightroom is great, but I just find that Nikons own software produces better results with much less work. (You can always export as tiff to Photoshop to do further edits if you prefer).


Johnny (not verified):

I have never used Lightroom a lot of folks are talking about it I only shoot in Raw and work with Adobes new Raw 4.4.1.

If your sorting through hundreds of raw photos a day like I am - I chew up about terabyte a hard dive space in a 6 month period and will generally shoot 4gb of memory on my smallest elopement package producing 36 quality images.

I can open 50 raw images and cherry pick the best make all needed adjustments - colour, exposure, noise, and crop.

Now with Canon's Sensor cleaners on their cameras 90% of the time all there is to do on the other side of Raw in Photoshop is save, resize and save - I always create 2 .jpg files lg and sm high res for every image. Of course I am on a 2.4 Imac with 4 gbs of ram but since I bought this new Imac there has been at least 2 Adobe Raw Updates.

I am pretty picky about the hearty Large Raw file and with how much energy Adobe has put into the Raw side of photo shop CS3 I rarely see the point of playing with my Aperture program. I have never read any how to guides - it is pretty hands on to say the least - out of box and instant work flow to say the least.

Right now I am about 10 weddings deep and I average about 80 weddings and elopements a year. With how fast Camera Raw
4.4.1 moves through 800 images to pick the best 20% I am never even overwhelmed when I have shot 20gb of images
any given day.

It's a pretty competitive market out there and the clients are simply blown alway with what a 14bit colour camera will provide.

My studio on good work flow day will produce about 170 images per computer in 4.4.1 Raw - thats amazing technology!

For presentation I just use that great Drupal technology. I can upload about 100 images via Ftp in about 10 minutes and impact! Clients can't even remember what film was like! - for Drupal in action!!!

Will have to try the light room once I give up Camera Raw!



Geshan (not verified):

Dries, it's been time you posted some photos. Think you are too busy with Acquia and Mollom. Grab that Camera and snap some good ones. :-)

shawn (not verified):

Lightroom is the way to go. I love it. It's been designed from the ground up for photography workflow and it's one of Adobe's best products. It would be fantastic to integrate into Drupal as a photo publishing platform. I wouldn't know where to begin, but it would truly be a killer app to integrate with all the galleries (ie collections) and slideshows modules.

Paul Van Caesbroeck (not verified):

Well, it's always delicate to start arguing about applications. Comparing Lightroom to Aperture is like comparing Canon with Nikon. Both are ok and have good and less-good things. So, I work with Aperture because I like the interface and the speed of it; and because I use Apple.