Dries Buytaert

Drupal core committer offsite 2023

A table with a large sheet of paper filled with notes from a brainstorming exercise.
People participating in a brainstorming session, sharing their thoughts about what makes a great day and a bad day as a Drupal Core Committer.
Three people are seated on a sofa, with a blank sheet of paper in front of them.
Dave, Sally and Lauri with a blank sheet of paper, ready to start brainstorming.
Four people participating in a group discussion.
Portrait of a woman
Christina Chumillas
A man with a laptop on his lap, facing towards the room.
We recently organized a three-day Drupal Core Committer Offsite in Kingston, UK. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend in person. To ensure remote participants could follow along, Gábor took the initiative to make sure remote attendees could participate.
A woman is sitting behind her laptop, which is covered in yellow sticky notes.
Sally's laptop covered in yellow sticky notes.
A man sits on a sofa with a laptop on his head, while a group of people gather around sticky notes in the background, working together.
Gábor holding a laptop on his head, making sure remote attendees could see and participate in the activities.
Portrait of a man sitting in a sofa.
Alex Pott
Two people working together, organizing and grouping yellow sticky notes.
Nat and xjm working together to organize and group yellow sticky notes.
A man is sitting in a chair with his laptop on his lap, diligently taking notes.
Roy taking notes and capturing next steps.
A window covered with yellow sticky notes.
We covered the windows with hundreds of yellow sticky notes.
A painting of a man holding a beer. The frame has a sticky note with the text: "I broke core the other day. No problem!".
As Drupal Core Committers, we had an important discussion about our shared fear of breaking Drupal Core and its impact on end users and contributors. Despite it being a serious discussion, it also brought some lightheartedness with funny sticky notes, adding humor to the situation.
A man is leading a brainstorming session, pointing to sticky notes as he guides the discussion.
Lauri leading a session to discuss what it means to be an Ambitious Site Builder.