I'm excited to announce that Acquia is launching Acquia Cloud Free, a no-cost development sandbox for Drupal development. While Acquia has always had a freemium offer for development purposes, it had an expiration date, and it required a credit card. We've changed that with Acquia Cloud Free. Acquia Cloud Free comes packed with great tools including, but not limited to:

  1. A free development sandbox on Acquia Cloud with development and staging environments, Drush integration, Git repository and more. (The sandbox can't be used to run production sites.)
  2. Drupal development workflow tools that allow you to deploy code between dev and staging environments, replicate files, make backups and more.
  3. Acquia Insight which will scan your site for security problems, performance improvements and general Drupal best practices. Every day, we run thousands of tests on your site. Our team keeps adding new tests based on what they learn every day.
  4. Acquia Search which supercharges your site's search capabilities with more accurate search results, faceted navigation, search analytics and more.

We've put a lot of thought and effort into creating the Acquia Cloud platform and continue to invest it in heavily. As a result, we have seen tremendous adoption. I believe that giving everyone access to a free Acquia Cloud development sandbox is one way we can give back and help grow Drupal. Give it a try if you want!


Sahana Anantha… (not verified):

Hi There,

Thank you for your comment. A bunch of us will be at Prague and we look forward to seeing you there.

- Sahana
Developer Evangelist,

drupestre (not verified):

Thanks for another great acquia tool.

I don't know if i am right or wrong, but as the terms of service says "our developer hosting environment without charge (the “Services”), for a period of thirty (30) days", do we need a subscription after that period ?


Sahana Anantha… (not verified):

Hi There,

Apologize for the confusion.The services agreement is getting updated as we speak.

Acquia Cloud Free is free, permanently. There is no expiration date and credit card information required.


- Sahana
Developer Evangelist

Peter Macinkovic (not verified):

That is a wonderful announcement Dries.

I've signed up right now and will give it a quick once-over to check out the various features.

I'll be sure to add a blog post for reviewing Acquia Cloud and put it into Drupal Planet so the community can read it :)

Peter Macinkovic
Digital Producer
Melbourne, Australia