We had our very first apple picking experience today. We went to Russell Orchards and saw a 1,000 pound pig (no kidding, the biggest pig I have ever seen), picked apples, ate some amazing home-made cider donuts, played in the play garden and took a hayride. Couldn't have been any nicer!

Russell orchards apple picking
Russell orchards apple picking
Russell orchards apple picking



Wow, that is remarkable. Did you see us at Russel Farm? Next time, make sure to say 'hi'. I can pick apples and talk Drupal at the same time. ;)

Lisa (not verified):

I didn't see you, unfortunately. Would have definitely said hello! You should come up to Newburyport tomorrow for the Harvest Festival. :-)

Chris C. (not verified):

Put up a picture of the 1000 pound pig!

Opa en Oma Roo… (not verified):

Ik weet dat het appels zijn maar de foto laat meteen het versje: "Jantje zag eens pruimen hangen" opkomen in mijn hoofd. Mooie beelden.