Beschuit met muisjes

We spent the afternoon in Amsterdam visiting the newborn Sebas. The above is what the Dutch serve to celebrate the birth of a baby. Can you imagine?

It's called "beschuit met muisjes" (pronunciation: bəˈsxœyt mɛt ˈmœyʃəs, literal: "biscuits with little mice"). It is toast with butter and sugared anise seeds -- a tradition that goes back to the 17th century.

In Flanders we celebrate the arrival of a newborn with "suikerbonen" or sugar beans, which are almonds with dark Belgian chocolate coated with a thin, hard layer of sugar. M&Ms on steroids, if you will.


Usamah (not verified):

Has anyone noticed the striking resemblance in color and shape to the Druplicon? Someone should have arranged the beans to look like it and call it "biscuits with little drops"! ;-)