I have never done much cooking in my life. I prepare the occasional spaghetti bolognese, but that is about it. And when I say "prepare", I mean that I heat up pre-cooked bolognese sauce.

Either way, to start off the new year in style, I set out to make my first soup ever. From scratch. I decided on broccoli cream soup as that is one of my favorite soups, and it only involved vegetables.

Guess what? The soup was delicious. There might be a chef in me! ;-)

Broccoli cream soup
Broccoli cream soup
Broccoli cream soup


Anonymous (not verified):

I already assumed you'd better be a chef when I looked at Drupal's code soup. ;-)

Karlijn van der Ven (not verified):

Yes, the rest of the family enjoyed it too! And my kitchen did not even looked 'bombed' afterward. ;-)

brunodbo (not verified):

Funny, I made my first soup ever on New Year's eve last week - a simple but delicious leek soup for 7 people. Enjoy your future soup adventures (it seems the options are endless).

Mien Buytaert (not verified):

Goe bezig! Ze ziet er in ieder geval al super lekker uit. Nu zijt ge natuurlijk wel verplicht om da hier op ne zondag eens te komen maken voor ons eh... ;-) Njammie!


thuis (not verified):

Ik beaam Mien haar voorstel ;-)
Je bent goed bezig!

Susan MacPhee (not verified):

Yum, yum! I love broccoli cream soup!