Ah, The Boss. The line "You can't start a fire without a spark" from Dancing in the dark is one of the most important sentences in my life. The best things in life come from passion. I enjoy nothing more than watching passion, as well as helping to create and direct passion. That is why I like this video so much -- not only do the lyrics nail it, Bruce's performance is also living proof of it.

I only saw Bruce Springsteen once. A number of years ago my dad took me to a Bruce Springsteen concert -- it's been the only rock concert I've ever been to with my dad, making it a special experience on its own. The concert itself was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen -- the level of sustained energy and joy was simply incredible.

For all these reasons, watching the video above makes me start my day with a smile. I'm one lucky bastard.


moshe weitzman (not verified):

I love the Boss too. I saw him once in concert in New Jersey and concur with your review. I'll take you to a Boss themed sandwich shop in Acton when you get to Boston.

skilip (not verified):

Amen, this is the soulfood that keeps us going! Thanks!!

Hans Snijder (not verified):

Lucky indeed.

I rediscovered the Boss about 4 months ago, while packing up our old apartment. Somehow I missed his CD's while digitizing my collection.

Love this performance with the E-Street band!

Katherine Druckman (not verified):

My dad took me to see Bruce Springsteen too! I was in 4th grade, and it was my first concert ever. It was probably the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life at that point. :)

Xtfer (not verified):

One of my favourite songs. How many hidden Springsteen references are there in Drupal core I wonder? I googled hook_thunder_road(), but found nothing...

Barry Jaspan (not verified):

Dries, I can actually see you in that video! At 50 seconds in, you must be the guy standing about two feet taller than everyone around you. :-)