The song Glycerine, of the post-grunge band Bush, is probably the song that has had the most impact on my life. I was 17 years old when I discovered this song. I had just moved out of my parents' place to go to college and started dating the woman that would later become my wife.

Even today, 12 years later, this might still be my all-time favorite song. I just listened to it ... twice. Nostalgic!


Itkovian (not verified):

Personally, I like most of the rest of their first album much better. And, reading this, I probably should listen to it again, sometime. Thanks for reminding us what we sometimes forget.

Bram (not verified):

It is a great song, and they're a great band. 40 Miles from the Sun is my favourite though ;)

Time to look for - and oggify - my Bush collection!

Kenneth Hoste (not verified):

Somehow live music that's being performed in storms is always (?) better...

We once saw a performance by the Foo Fighters at the Belgian Pukkelpop festival during a rain storm, and it's in my top 3 of all-time favorite concerts. We were wet to the bone, but boy, did we shake our heads! :P

Valerie (not verified):

I never heard this song before, but it definitely touches me. Maybe I should check out some more Bush-songs!
Nice blog in general, by the way!

John (not verified):

Sixteen stone was actually one of the first CDs I bought. I had the limited edition double-CD version with live tracks, but lost it, somehow :\