Like all the hipster fixie kids in the hilly San Francisco, I recently bought a Citizen Messenger Bag by Chrome. I sport the black on black version. Over the last two months, as I've actively used it, I've come to conclude that this is quite possibly the best bag ever made.

Technically, the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is not a laptop case; it is designed by bike couriers for bike couriers. That said, I use it for my everyday activities, including business meetings, conferences, day trips, etc. It stows my laptop, my Kindle, my iPad, a notebook, a jacket, my camera, a water bottle and more. I definitely recommend this bag to anyone who likes to carry a few things around. In fact, this was the first bag big enough to hold all the schwag I got at DrupalCon -- and that means something. But if all you need to store is a laptop and a few other items, it's still a great bag as it compresses down.

As someone who travels a lot, I need a bag that can handle a lot. The Chrome Citizen bag is built like a tank; it's made from weatherproof heavy-duty 1000-denier Cordura with a weatherproof liner and sealed seams for serious protection. The shoulder strap is made of seatbelt material, which obviously makes it mighty tough. The bag is extremely durable and has proven to be waterproof, even in pouring rain. It is the first bag that I have owned that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I'm thinking about buying the accessory pouch for quick access to my cell phone and wallet but it might be a bit small for both.

Chrome bags cost a bit more, but so far it has been worth every penny. Highly recommended!


timplunkett (not verified):

Of equal (or better) quality is the Philadelphia-based R.E.Load bags. They do custom designs, next one I get will be sporting a nice big Druplicon. Their Civilian is comprable to the Citizen.

Andreas (not verified):

I bought my Chrome Citizen while living in Boston a couple of years ago (I'm Danish). I absolutely love it for all the reasons you state. It is definitely geared towards biking and I feel it can be a bit awkward while walking if it's stuffed to the brim. Thankfully, most of my time is spent on my bike to and from work. I've had many things ruined by a freak rainstorm and a bad bag, but I don't have to worry about that anymore. I've been on in horrendous weather and not had to worry about my laptop and camera.

I have the accessory pouch and it will not fit a phone and wallet. An iphone snugly fits in the large room and then all you can fit in the small room is a handful of business cards or credit cards -- not an actual wallet.

I do really like the utility pouch to keep my paperwork in one place in an otherwise caotic bag. :o)

lape (not verified):

Hey Dries, you just made me ordering a Chrome messenger bag :-) (the slightly smaller "mini metro" one, though). I was looking for a decent bag since some time and what you wrote about the Chrome sounds really fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

criz (not verified):

Great, the Drupal (hipster) Chrome Gang is growing... :)

I bought my Citizen Bag during Drupalcon SF and I am very happy with it.

There are some good alternatives though, for example bagaboo from Hungary: They had a Drupal site some time ago, but it seems they switched to Wordpress, hmmm...

John Faber (not verified):

I have been thinking about a new bag - now I know what I will get! Thanks Dries!