Dissertation wrestling
Feedback from one of my advisors.


GeologyRocks (not verified):

At least it's not in red pen. My PhD corrections always came back covered in red. It looked like someone had bled on the page - a lot!

I now get to do the same to my MSc students theses... ;)

Good luck with the thesis - writing mine was hell. Hope yours is a bit easier :)

John VanDyk (not verified):

I locked myself in a small room for weeks while writing mine. Good luck with yours!


John et al.

BryanSD (not verified):

While finishing up my Masters I too received my near-final draft in a sea of red. Do you know what really made me mad? The professor was absolutely correct and I had some significant errors in my analysis that needed to be corrected. I look back and shake my head for not seeing then what appears so obvious to me now.

Unfortunately, I only had two weeks to make the necessary changes. Like John, I locked myself in the basement to get the paper done. I also don't think I saw my newborn son until he hit the age of one...at least that's what it felt liked.

Dries, have fun with this rite of passage...it will make you appreciate your "freedom" even more!

Olav Schettler (not verified):

I used to have my cat sit on the keyboard. He wasn't much help typing, but definitively helped me focus. Maybe that's where my last stelling came from: "Ondergrondse projecten" zijn vaak een beslissende motor van vooruitgang. - Good luck with yours'.