Karlijn in elevator


Boris Mann (not verified):

Does her face say...

"Dries, are you really taking a picture of me again?"


"What do you think YOU'RE doing?"

or perhaps

"Later, I will kill you for taking this picture?"

It looks like one of KKs cross-processed photos because of the funny elevate light.


Pretty close. She wasn't too happy about me taking pictures in the elevator. And now, she might want to kill me for posting this picture. ;)

Karlijn (not verified):

Hehe, pretty close again. ;-)

Steven (not verified):

Dries, I've got a spare bed at home for the weekend. ;-)

Jeroen (not verified):

Hmm, it reminds me of the atmosphere and mood An Pierle usually tries to set in her video clips... the blue/green-ish light, dreamy melancholic expression though still trying to put up a smile... The mirror for added surrealism. She looks a bit like her too?

Cold, but touching. Very nice.

Greet Van Lerberghe (not verified):

Bangelijk prachtig!

Steven (not verified):

Did you hit the stop switch after taking the picture? ;-)