Jeroen (not verified):

That picture doesn't do her justice. She's a real hottie. Like actually. She's gorgeous. I hate being family of my family. :)

The eye picture is awesome. Very well done. It must be the camera doing this because you don't seem to be taking bad picture anymore. Hehe.

Anonymous (not verified):

Very pretty... looks like a delicate painting... but obviously much much better.... lucky lady your sister... pretty eyes... :)

Kaytie (not verified):

that's awesome! I love the eye...its very pretty. It you wanted to make it look cool, you could make it look like she's looking at a fire. (right now we can see your silouette taking a picture of her.)

Delfina (not verified):

Nice shot, except you can see your outline in her eye, which just kills it all. =(

Still pretty though.

andy_60 (not verified):

This pic is amazing, would it be possible for me to use this pic as the logo for the band I'm in? No identification could be made by the eye due to editing I will put on, the eye would be red with flames and the skin would be red, as said earlier you will not be identified by the picture due to the effects added.

Regards, Andy

Anonymous (not verified):

When I first saw it I thought it was my eye. Lol. Damn you.

Hayley (not verified):

Wow that is one really pretty eye i wish i had those eyes....

Anonymous (not verified):

Did you just use your camera or did you modified the picture?

Anonymous (not verified):

i think your outline in her eye actually makes the photograph appear more realistic. without it i think the photo would appear too edited and just loose the impact it creates!

shunted (not verified):

Would it be possible for me to use this as a logo? i would credit you and show you everything i do with it?please contact me if you allow me to/disallow me to use it

Tracey (not verified):

Okay, so about this eye of your sister's...
When the photo is really small, it looks like earth in her eye. Seriously, it has the light blues, the green tints, the brown, the white, the deep blues, and the black all in one little eye. I'm amazed.
Seeing your reflection in her eye allows the viewers to see themselves in this eye-mimic of earth. We're all joined in this lifetime and in humanity; wrapped together by this - amazing creation of God's - your sister's eye.
All that goes without saying that the eye is one of the organs that can - in itself - disprove evolution and support creation. I'd hate to turn such a great photo into a religious debate, though.
Great work!

Alex (not verified):

To Tracey: or that God controlled evolution, like I think. To Dries: fantastic picture! Mind if I use it?

Caton (not verified):

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Thanks ;-). Caton.

Anonymous (not verified):

I love this photo. I actually recognised this photo because someone has copyrighted it and used it on their facebook as their profile picture! The name is Natasha Caputi.