Flagging down a cab

I was told that it is cheaper to call a taxi company than to flag down a cab. I haven't quite figured out why but maybe that is the only way to ensure that you get an official cab and not one that tries to rip you off. Looking at the wires that run on top of the roof, this might have been an unofficial one ...


chx (not verified):

Do not let the rundown looks of taxis fool you. This is a 6x6 taxi which is quite OK though not the cheapest.

Andy Smith (not verified):

It is cheaper to call it because taxis that are already on the street have a higher starting price, i.e. €3 + fare rather than €1 + fare... I am guessing this is because they theoretically spend more time waiting for a customer.

hf1111 (not verified):

As the others already told, they are a normal taxi company. The reason for the weird sign is that all the taxi companies in Budapest want to make themselves different from the others. Therefore if you see an ordinary taxi sign you will get a so called hyena with bigger chance.