Hello world

Because subtlety doesn't always work ... ;-)


Karlijn (not verified):

About the 'dad-resemblance'... Of course he/she will get his/her own website. :-)

merlinofchaos (not verified):

Congratulations! So tiny tiny tiny!

Being in the process myself (7 weeks left!!) I can say that the process so far can be quite amazing.

Good luck, and best wishes!

Gerhard Killesreiter (not verified):

Congratulations :)

chx (not verified):

Given how you lead a crowd made up from insolent, infatile, crazy, narcissistic nerds (dear reader, pick whatever suits you -- and do not forget, I am in that crowd, too) I am very sure this little fellow will have the best dad one could have.

Congratulations and best wishes.

Kim Vermeer (not verified):

Fantastic news!!! Karlijn, Dries, enjoy being pregnant!

Roel De Meester (not verified):

This is indeed great great great small news.

As a father of a small family I can tell you. It changes your life completely. Not only because the number of free hours is drastically reduced, but more because you realize what is most important: making your children feel happy and protecting them against evil.

A quote to end: "When your children are healthy you have many wishes, when they get ill you only have one."


Marc (New Oceans) (not verified):

Wow, that's great news... Congrats, Karlijn & Dries! Wish you loads of "Love & Happiness" together!

All right then, let's do another quote ... ;)

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

BTW: color prints sold out?


Jan Lai (not verified):

Ha! That's cool, there's another thing we share!!!
Mine will be ready by the end of July!
Welcome in the club!!!

BryanSD (not verified):

I just came across this post. Congratulations Dries and Karlijn. Notice my emphasis on and since almost everyone seems to giving Dries all the credit here.

One thing I've learned is that lost time happens in two waves. First you lose your "free" time to help take care of your baby. Then when that baby starts turning into a child you start losing your "computer time". My son is only 3 1/2 and already insists on checking his email (though he doesn't have an account)! I've learned early on to make sure I'm out of my Drupal administrative account before the boy begins pounding at the keyboard.

Again, congratulations!