Karlijn and I are delighted to let you know that we are expecting baby number two! The gender is unknown still, but the estimated time of arrival is the beginning of June 2009! Time for Axl to step up and to become a big brother.

A 2D ultrasound of Axl's brother or sister at 16 weeks.
A 3D ultrasound of Axl's brother or sister at 16 weeks.


thuis (not verified):

Wij kijken ernaar uit om nummer twee in ons midden te hebben.

Kris Buytaert (not verified):

It must be our last name.. can't be otherwise ..

Guess what .. Margot is also becoming a big sister,
Guess what .. also somewhere next June :)

So who will be first this time? :)

Anyhow, congrats!

PS. But we already both knew that, didn't we? :)

Matt Farina (not verified):

Congratulations. Kids are one of the greatest blessings in the world.

chx (not verified):

The little princess for the dragon slayer! :D Congratulations.

jvandyk (not verified):

Congratulations! Kids keep you hopping. Hop, hop!

Damien Tournoud (not verified):

Congratulations to you two, Dries and the future mom.

"Giving birth can be hard. Hopefully, mom holds dad's hand, so that he is less frighten." (rough translation of a famous aphorism by Pierre Desprogres, a french humorist)

TUc (not verified):

Hi Dries,

This is wonderfull news. Congratulations to you and Karlijn.

You're definitely taking a steady "development cycle" outside the Drupal realm.


Lior (not verified):

Congratulations Dries.

Just had my third boy born 2 weeks ago. Loosely translating a heated debate in drupal-israel the members where trying to figure out if the youngling will would be a module builder or a themer. Because of his tendency to whine alot I voted themer.

Anyway it's fun to see additional entrepreneurs our age creating lives and dreams and creating inspiration for the upcoming generations. I'm sure your earthly creations rock as much as your digital ones.

Being a father for 2 (or 3) is challenging but hey your already juggling a kid, a wife, a job, a crusade, a camera, a rockstar haircut and the best damn CMS on the world - one more ball will be just fine. :)

alex_b (not verified):

I see you guys are not loosing time :-) Congratulations!