Almost every night before bed, I spend time reading. I love the feeling of falling asleep a little wiser than when I woke up. And often I read in the morning too. I read about photography, technology, investing, business, and more.

I love reading anything that provides a "mental workout"; articles or blog posts that stretch my mind or that point me in a different direction, that help me articulate my own emotions and my thoughts, or that make my imagination travel in time and space. Changing minds is changing lives. Reading makes me who I am.

While reading begets more reading, I love writing down my own thoughts as well, and that is what I decided to do this night. Sleep well!


Ahmed Koshok (not verified):

A group of college students were asked to spell a list of words. The test was not in their spelling skill, but rather the speed by which they walked the hall leaving the room where the test was conducted.

Students that spelled words like: wise, patient, calm, etc... walked reliably and significantly slower than those who spelled words like: strong, energetic, vital, etc...

Two books cover this and other fascinating insights into our minds: Mind Hacks by Stafford & Webb, and Mind Performance Hacks by Hale-Evans

George DeMet (not verified):

I would love to learn more about the places that that you find good reading material online. Here are a couple of my recent favorites:

I recently subscribed to The Browser, which is a curated daily digest of some really great and thought-provoking articles and blog posts on a wide variety of topics.

Another good place for interesting perspectives on the business of technology and media is the weekly Monday Note by Jean-Louis Gassée and Frédéric Filloux.

Model View Culture is an online magazine that challenges traditionally-held beliefs about technology and startup culture and provides a voice for those in the industry who are not often heard from in places like Reddit, Hacker News, or Slashdot. I think it's essential reading for anyone who is involved in managing people in any tech company.

Mario Awad (not verified):

How's your blog posts reading workflow setup?

Personally I use Instapaper to save interesting blog posts and send them to my Kindle Paperwhite to read at night. I found that reading on any screen makes me less sleepy and I now only read on a Kindle or on paper.


George DeMet (not verified):

Yep, there's a lot of research linking nighttime screen usage with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The Kindle mitigates this by using an e-ink screen and surface lighting that's directed toward the screen instead of back-lit screens that shine right in your eyes.