Stefaan and Anneleen, some of our best friends, got married yesterday.

I went straight from the Drupal festivities at the MIT in Boston to their wedding in Belgium. My flight from Boston to New York (JFK) got canceled, so I had to fly to New Jersey (La Guardia) instead and race through New York in a yellow cab. Due to traffic, I missed my connecting flight that would take me from New York to Brussels (BRU) so I had to make an extra stop in London (LHR) and take in a 6 hour delay before making it to Brussels. I missed most of their day but still made it to the evening party.

It took a lot of pain to make this picture but I'm happy it came out great. More pictures are available in the wedding album. Needless to say, today was a slow day. ;-)

Yes, of course my luggage got lost in all the action ...


Itkovian (not verified):

I feel your pain, having past through Heathrow on Saturday. The AA flight managed to pull in to the gate with but half an hour delay, much to my joy. Said joy quickly ebbed away when I saw the announcement board upon arriving in the Terminal 4 hall (man, those busses drive slowly!). No gate announced. Talking to a BA representative enlightened me somewhat: the flight has been delayed. I've no idea why, normally I tell people it's the weather, but this can't be it right now. So, you'll just have to wait. I saw every shop at least four times until they sent me off to gate 19 - at which moment I was hinging around gate 6. The due haste which took me to gate 19 was rather uncalled for, as all passengers had to remain for at least 30 minutes more. In all, I arrived in Brussels with over an hour delay. But ... rather unexpectedly, my luggage was there (I had taken the precaution of putting presents in my backpack).

Karlijn (not verified):

And after all these 'travel pains' one would think that Dries would have been rather tired. But it was me - the annoying wife - who actually had to initiate the 'going home' from the wedding party and pluck Dries from the dance floor. ;-)