Merry christmas

The obligatory Christmas picture for parents with a camera ... :-)


Roel De Meester (not verified):

And a happy new (and very interesting) year!

How long did it take you to get Axl to ?

  1. Sit or lay still
  2. Stop drooling
  3. Look directly in the camera
  4. Put a smile on his face
  5. Keep his hat on
  6. Stop him from putting the hat in his mouth
Jasmien Bensch (not verified):

We wensen jullie een gelukkig nieuwjaar toe !
Wat een schattig kerstmannetje seg ! :)

jasmien xx

Anonymous (not verified):

He's my man! Wat een dotje hé!


Anonymous (not verified):

Veselé Vianoce a šťastný nový rok!