Dries Buytaert

Mollom filtering millions of messages for Netlog

We're proud to announce that Mollom has partnered with Netlog, one of the fastest-growing web communities in Europe. Mollom is now protecting the messages of more than 40 million Netlog members, in more than 25 different languages. Netlog is primarily used by students for communication, entertainment and for sharing music and photos. Each day, Netlog members exchange more than 4 million messages, all analyzed by Mollom for spam and unwanted content in real-time.

Netlog selected Mollom as its content-filtering solution after initial trials suggested that Mollom's content filtering algorithms produced more effective results, and after validating Mollom's ability to consistently provide real-time responses. With the addition of the Netlog community, Mollom is now one of the largest website spam-filtering services available today.

We established dedicated Mollom servers in Netlog's data center, each with automatic fail-over, around-the-clock monitoring and custom-trained classifiers. Every second, these servers analyze over 50 messages (and up to 200 messages/second at peak times), proving Mollom's ability to scale to massive throughput requirements. Just like the servers handling Mollom Free and Mollom Plus users on mollom.com, these dedicated servers are maintaining 99.95% efficiency, blocking all but the smallest fraction of spam content.

Netlog has more then 30 freelance community managers and moderators throughout Europe. For their part, using Mollom allows Netlog to reduce the amount of manual moderation, and enables Netlog to support more users and different languages more easily. For our part, Mollom is committed to ensuring that our service supports that growth. This partnership provides us a great opportunity to improve our backend, to prototype new ideas for streamlining the moderation of thousands of messages, and to use Mollom in a massively-multilingual environment. For your part, well, Mollom subscribers are already benefiting from filter improvements that were the direct result of this partnership, and that's just the beginning.

Update: see also Techrunch's coverage: European social network Netlog to use Mollom's spam filtering tool.

— Dries Buytaert

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